Fresh Cooked Strawberry Jam

After much waiting & anticipating, strawberry season has finally hit Manitoba. Because of a cool spring, the berries are about two weeks later than they normally would be. Strawberry season was anticipated at our house because we already ran out our homemade strawberry jam in April! Apparently my children really, really like it with their peanut butter for lunch, and so we ran out earlier than expected this year. So, with pails in hand, off to the U-Pick we went!

My Mom has made strawberry jam since I was a kid already, so I am used to having homemade strawberry jam. The jam that you make from scratch in your kitchen is so much better than the jars you buy at the store. The store has oversized berries that are tough, and a lot of jelly. Homemade jam has the berries more evenly distributed, mashed (so it covers your bread much better), and contains only 4 ingredients…strawberries, sugar, a wee bit of margarine and Love! :)



  1. April says

    OOOHH, this looks wonderful! I have been on a jam making frenzy lately, but I have never added the butter. I will try it!

  2. Jeanine says

    The butter just helps to get rid of the foamy bubbles on top of the jam. I’ve seen recipes with lemon juice in them before too, but we have no trouble keeping the jam a nice red, so we don’t bother (I think the lemon juice is to help keep the colour??). Love this jam, beats any store bought jam, that’s for sure!

  3. Colleen says

    Now THAT looks amazing, Jeanine! Our PYO adventures are over, but I think the farmers’ market still has berries….

    How good some homemade jam would taste come January.

    I hope you’re all enjoying your long-awaited summer :)

  4. Tammy says

    I think the lemon juice is to add more acidity to the jam, as a preservative? I've tried the butter trick and it's never worked for me. I don't mind the foamy bubbles. If it's too much I skim it off and save it for toast the next couple of days after making the jam. We just make strawberry and strawberry rhubarb yesterday. I tried using the Pomona's Universal pectin to see how that stands up. You can use less sugar that way.

  5. Donna says

    Sounds yummy and easy to make, I’m just worried about the sugar content, I’m a diabetic, also do you have to use mason jars or would any jar with a lid do and how much room do I need to leave from the top??


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