Lemon Meringue Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love lemon meringue pie? Well…I’m not that keen of it. Don’t get me wrong, I like the lemon filling, I’m just not a fan of pie crust. It’s merely a vehicle for the pie filling, right?? But, I do love Lemon Meringue Ice Cream.

This Lemon Meringue Ice Cream is so creamy and yet tart. What about the meringue topping, you ask? Well, don’t worry about it, there is broken meringue pieces throughout the ice cream. Never have I seen lemon meringue ice cream anywhere, and after tasting this, I wonder…why not?? This ice cream is fantastic! It was such a smooth ice cream that I know I want to make my ice creams using this type of base; one with a cooked custard that contains egg yolks. Absolutely wonderful! I served this in a meringue cup, which I baked at the same time that I did the meringue that was broken up and folded into the ice cream. Definitely a hit!




  1. Fearless Kitchen says

    This is a really interesting ice cream. I’ve never been a huge fan of lemon merengue pie, but I think I’ve just had lousy samples. It looks like the flavor really comes through in this ice cream – I’ll have to try it.

  2. kittie says

    Oh – I’m totally with you on the lemon pie crust thing… but I read a recipe once what used a ginger crumb pastry… much more like it!!

    Your icecream looks delicious, great idea!

  3. averagebetty says

    I am an equal opportunity lemon meringue lover and your ice cream makes my mouth water! I think a scoop of lemon meringue and a scoop of vanilla would be the perfect cap to a hot summer night…

  4. kat says

    Once again a recipe makes me want to go out & get the ice cream maker attachment for the kitchen aid. I love the candied lemon peel decorations.

  5. Alexa says

    The creaminess comes through in your beautiful pictures. I made a keylime pie icecream once that my whole family loved. I should try this one, I bet they would love it. Good luck on the contest. I think you have a winner here!

  6. Jeanine says

    Fearless kitchen – Yes, you MUST try it! I'm not a fan of the pie, but love lemon, and this was awesome. :)

    Mom – I'm glad that you enjoyed it, I saved a wee bit for ya!

    Kitty – a ginger crumb pastry sounds like it would go with lemon meringue really well!

    Average Betty – The Lemon Meringue & Vanilla sounds like a winning combination to me. Now I wish I had more! :)

    Kat – just go out and get it already! Summer will be gone before ya know it! Mine was just a counter top version, works great, and was only $30!

    Alexa – Thank you. When I was making this yesterday I thought of the Key Lime Pie, I bet that would taste great. if they liked the Lime, they'll love the lemon too.

  7. Leanne says

    Hi Jeanine! What kind of ice cream maker did you use? My husband and I have dreamed about a traditional wooden bucket with the crank handle, but to spend $200 on an ice cream maker seems rather extravagant. I would LOVE to try this recipe! Thanks for posting.

  8. Jeanine says

    Jamie – Thanks, the little curls were kinda fun to make. :) Love candied rinds.

    Nina, if you love the pie, you should try the ice cream! :) I was very impressed with how similar it tasted to the pie.

    Leanne, I bought a Hamilton Beach, it was actually this one: http://www.hamiltonbeach.com/products/ice-cream-makers-15-quart-capacity-ice-cream-maker.php?page=1
    Only, I paid $30 Canadian, and it works great so far! Quick, simple & easy clean up. You can't get much better than that! Let me know if you give it a try and how it worked for you. :)

  9. Stephanie says

    If this tastes as good as it looks, you should be the hands down winner for that ice cream contest! SLURP


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