Sweet Spinach Salad

It’s summer here. In summer it’s great to be able to throw together a salad, top it with some grilled meat & have that as your main course. They are great because they can be made ahead and transported to picnics or barbecues too. There is so much fresh fruit & vegetables available right now, that are bursting with flavour, it is a pity to waste the short time that we have with these fresh offerings. So, if it’s summer in your part of the world right now, do yourself a favor and make a salad! :) Here is a simple, quick salad, that tasted delicious! I love the citrus in the salad dressing, and the combination of spinach, orange segments and toasted nuts. Try it, I think you’ll like it.




  1. Marilyn @ Simmer Till Done says

    Oh, that’s heavenly. I’ve long believed that spinach, cider vinegar and poppyseeds were meant to be. Nice job!

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