Fresh Tomato Soup

We’ve now pulled the tomato plants in the garden. Frost set in last night, and we didn’t want to bother with covering them to prevent them from freezing. But, we did get our fair share of tomatoes from them before pulling them. This recipe is one of the examples of what we’ve done with them. There are more recipes that I hope to post in the following weeks though. :)

This recipe is a bit of work, but tastes so good compared to the canned soups bought in the store.

Submitted by my Mom (gotta love that she loves being in the kitchen as much as I do)



  1. betty r says

    This is a wonderful recipe to use up those last tomatoes from the garden. It does look like a bit of work but something this good is worth it!!

  2. Jeanine says

    Betty, I really think the cooking time is a bit high on this recipe too, once the veggies are tender, you can blend it already (stick blender works great for that). Plus, the 1-2 hours after, not necessary either, I don’t think. And if the soup is too thick, you can add milk to make it creamier. We love homemade tomato soup, and I’ve started canning my own for the winter. That recipe will be coming soon too. 😉

  3. betty r says

    Thanks for that info, time seemed a little long. It is cooking as I speak(rather type..hehe)

  4. Megan says

    tomato soup is such a comfort food for me so seeing this post and recipe really made me smile. thanks jeanine :)

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