The Daring Bakers Grab a Slice

Yep, this month, the Daring Bakers took on pizza! But, not just any pizza. This pizza recipe comes to us from Peter Reinhart’s “The Bread Baker’s Apprentice”. Our hostess with the mostess this month was Rosa of Rosa’s Yummy Yums. This may be your basic pizza dough, but it is far from ordinary!

A Barbecue Chicken Pizza – click for recipe

For myself, I was quite disappointed when I read this month’s challenge. Not because I didn’t think it was a challenge, but because I thought it was a challenge I could not succeed at. You see, I have tried making GF pizza a number of times. It always gave a very sticky dough that was nearly impossible to spread out into the pan. Once it was baked, it was nearly impossible to get off the pan. Then when it came to eating it, well…let’s just say cardboard may have been easier to eat. Horrible experiences. So, my search for pizza crust continued. Until now. This pizza crust was fantastic. It wasn’t as good as your regular gluten-filled pizza crusts, but it was really, really good. The flavour of it was fantastic, it was slightly chewy, but held it’s shape amazingly so that you could eat it with your hands. I am so, so happy with this recipe! If you’re GF and craving pizza, please give it a try. The flavour of these flours is fantastic!

The crust from this recipe wasn’t that great, and it was a lot of work. Check my other recipes for easy, delicious gluten-free pizza crusts.




  1. Jen says

    I’m glad to hear that the GF pizza dough turned out well too– I have a GF friend and I will definitley send this recipe to her.

  2. betty r says

    So happy for you Jeanine that you found a pizza dough recipe that works for you and is yummy as well. Great shots of the pizzas!

  3. Regina says

    Great job with those beautiful GF pizzas – they look wonderfully rich and flavorful! I liked using Nutella on one of my pizzas as well.

  4. Alexa says

    I would love to have pizza night with you… it would be a wonderfully tasty gluten free treat! I love your topping selection and your pictures look spectacular.

  5. Elsie says

    Jeanine, your pizzas look so yummy they make me want to cry. I think lactose intolerance is worse than gluten intolerance

  6. Maureen "Hold The Gluten" says

    Your pizzas look absolutely delicious!!! Pizza is the food I miss the most since I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. It’s been an ongoing quest for a gf pizza that didn’t taste gluten free… I think your pizza might fit the bill (had to restrain myself from licking the computer screen!). Thank you for sharing your recipe! :)

  7. Jane says

    Your description of what your past vegan pizzas were like was exactly what I would have expected. I’m so glad this challenge turned out so well for all the GF DBs. I think I would have passed in your shoes.
    I LOVE your dessert pizza. I will have to give that a try sometime.
    Jane of

  8. Karen says

    Thanks for stopping by! BBQ chicken pizza has always been one of my favorites, but I have to say, your alfredo pizza looks amazing and decadent! Maybe alfredo sauce topped with shrimp. Mmmm…..

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