Mojito Sorbet

This sorbet tastes just like the drink, with a wonderful lime & mint flavour to it. We really enjoyed this, and will definitely make it again.



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  1. betty r says

    Jeanine..I have never made homemade ice cream! Someday I’d like to!
    I chuckled about you only getting 4 servings!!

  2. Jeanine says

    Betty, I just got my ice cream maker this past summer, but love all the different kinds of ice cream you can make at home (and they only have a few ingredients, not all the additives they have in the store).

    And I seriously have NO idea how small their servings would have to be to get 8-10 of them. There isn’t that much liquid in this recipe. Maybe they used shot glasses for serving. lol

  3. Heritage Bath Essentials says

    Well i made this on Thursday so it was ready for Friday! I didn’t add the Rum before I froze it. Friday we made Drinks and added Rum. Made the kids with Sparkling soda. We will add this to our Favorite List. Yes………..I am the one that LOVES Mojito’s!


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