Our latest adventure at Montana’s Restaurant

When we go to Winnipeg, we will very often eat at Montana’s. The kids like it there, you can colour on the tables, the atmosphere is busy enough to keep the kids busy, and the food is great. We enjoyed going there before we had to worry about finding gluten-free items on their menu. But since having to order items gluten-free, I have relied on their (simple, photocopied) gluten-free menu. It may not have been much, but at least I knew what to expect. I knew which items I could order.

Well, in our little city adventure yesterday, Abby said she’d like to go to Montana’s for lunch. That was fine with me, I was thinking I’d be stuck eating french fries at McD’s or something. This was awesome! Once we got there and were seated, they told me that they had just gotten new menus (GASP!), and that they no longer had a gluten-free menu (DOUBLE GASP!).

My heart fell at hearing that. Our server told us that there had been an incident in Ontario where someone had ordered a gluten-free meal, and it had come into contact with gluten somewhere along the process, and the person had a reaction. I’m saddened that they would remove all of the gluten-free menus instead of just adding a disclaimer. When eating out (even at a friends house), you MAY come into contact with gluten. Anytime you eat something that you yourself did not prepare, you run that risk.

Yesterday when we were there, they did not have an allergy chart available yet (menus were still too new), however, they do have their allergy list online. If you’re relying on them to have the information for you…don’t! Make sure to look it up before heading over there, and know what does or does not contain gluten.

I had the (yummy) Feta Greek salad with grilled chicken, and suffered no ill-effects. That was a hit & miss, but I see on their nutrition list that it does not contain wheat or gluten sources.

So, heads up to all the celiacs out there…I just thought I’d share my experience with you. :)


  1. Iris says

    Thanks for the heads up. Montanas is one of our favorite destinations exactly because of the gluten free menu (now a thing of the past). How disappointing.
    Glad you could have a nice lunch though with no ill effects.
    Isn’t this snow great?????????

  2. betty r says

    Oh I’m so glad that you found a delicious meal on the menu and that it turned out a safe one. Too bad that they don’t have a gluten free menu at Montana’s..hopefully they bring it back.
    Sounds like you had a great day with your daughter..

  3. Jeanine says

    No problem, Iris. I figured I'd better let the others that I know, that rely on that gluten-free menu, so they can be prepared the next time they go there.
    We have eaten at Joey's Grill (I think it was called) by the new Costco on Kenaston, and they had a GREAT gluten-free menu. Very yummy!

    We had a great time out. Everyone got new clothes & she even let me go through the fabric store (but I got no fabric). :(

  4. Lindsay says

    It’s so sad that they would completely get rid of their gluten-free menu because of that!

    Montana’s is my favourite restaurant!

  5. Katrina says

    As someone who has to eat out all the time due to my job (I’m on the road with a touring Broadway show), I hate it when this happens! Our options are limited to begin with. It goes without saying that eating out is always a risk, but please don’t take away the option! I have a food blog about eating gluten free on the road.
    One of my posts is about restaurants that are gluten free friendly. Let me know if I can help you out next time you wish to venture out to eat.

  6. Nicole says

    Good news – Since I have been diagnosed in April, I have gone to Montannas on a couple of occasions, and they do have a gluten free menu!

    • says

      Yes – still one of my favorite places to eat out, even after nearly 5 years. Their menu is an allergen free menu, since they can’t guarantee it won’t come into contact with gluten. but I’ve never had a problem! glad to hear it’s the same with you, Nicole!

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