Take a Walk with Me Through the Grocery Store

The other day as I was walking through the Sobey’s grocery store, I couldn’t help but notice the large gluten-free section that had popped up there since my last shopping trip. So, I decided that next time, I would take my camera along and take you along with me.

We’ve actually got 2 large shelving units that are clearly labeled “Gluten Free” now! How neat is that?

Getting gluten-free items in the grocery store here was pretty much unheard of when I went gluten-free just over 3 years ago. Now, take a look.

Now, if people would only stop putting “normal” things on the shelves empty spaces when they decide to not purchase them. (I love those Rice Works…yum!)

These are new! Just added in July, I believe. Ouch… $6.59 for one 9″ round cake. Little expensive when you compare it to two 9-inch cakes for $1.25 (on sale). Wonder why the chocolate cost more…$0.10 for the cocoa powder perhaps?

Has anyone tried these? I have no idea what it is, but the package says “Gluten Free”. :)

Mmm…these, I like! Price is a little high, but it is an organic cereal, which will raise the price higher than being ‘just’ a gluten-free cereal. I usually buy the large bags of cereal though (the Mesa Sunrise is one of my favorites, unless I feel like a kid, then the Gorilla Munch it is).

I have never tried these, but I’ve heard really good things. I’m pretty sure that making a batch of my waffles cost less though. Any thoughts on this product?

On the way out of the store, I swing by the freezer case, and find a gluten-free section there too! Wow, I’m impressed. And look at this…premade waffles are cheaper than the mix!

Here’s some premade cakes, breads and the waffles again (3 varieties, not too shabby). All are rather, well, expensive! So is the gluten-free “ready-made” lifestyle though.

These, these pizzas have my name on them. One day, I will treat myself to pizza while I buy my family a ready-made, take & bake pizza from the deli. $5.50 for a BBQ chicken pizza, um, YES PLEASE!

I remember tasting these at a gluten-free food expo I went to last year. They tasted really, really good. But again, ouch on the price tag. But, someone’s buying them, that one box is getting empty.

So, there you have it. We’ve had an explosion of gluten-free foods, available in our regular grocery store. I love that they are getting items in, and I love that they are keeping (most of) them separate from the ‘normal’ stuff.

How are things in your grocery stores? Have you noticed an increase in products & visibility of those products?



  1. says

    Looks wonderful. Basically all the stuff we get here but rather than being in 7 different grocery stores, it’s all in 1. I bought the Kettle Cuisine GF Chicken Noodle Soup in the US for when I get a cold but haven’t tried it yet. I love Duinkerken Biscuits. It looks like someone has gone through their store and looked for all the GF items and just put everything close together. For instance, the crackers are often out on the main shelves. We’ve got one store here that they’ve mainstreamed everything so stuff is really hard to find sometimes in it’s regular areas.

  2. says

    Wow, My store doesn’t have 1/3 of that gluten free products, and no frozen products. But I only have Wal-mart and 1 Homeland that even carries any.

  3. says

    I bought one of the curry tree packages awhile back & found that it wasn’t anything special. I do love their packaging though- beautiful!

    I was speaking with someone from Duinkerken awhile back & they seemed to think that their product was pretty darn good… The only place I can supposedly get it here in Prince George, BC though is Wal-Mart which I do not support in any way. I would love to try their product & support them though, since they’re Canadian! Let me know what you think if you end up trying their stuff!

  4. Jennifer Jenkins says

    I love the Udi’s muffins. They have them in lemon strudel, blueberry and double chocolate. The chocolate are out of this world if you need a chocolate muffin fix, this is the one! The pricing is $7.49 for 4 muffins but they are great for a treat. It works out to about $1.87 per muffin. You paid that in most restaurents, but they are not usually gluten free and you could run into cross contaminations. That is my two cents worth or should I say,”$1.00.” Inflation. lol

  5. Lora says

    That’s not a bad selection! I am not gluten intolerant myself, but I have three close family members who are. So when we have a birthday or holiday get together it’s all Gluten Free! There is a store near my house called Woodman’s; they have a huge selection of GF items. We also have a place called the Outpost where the entire store carries GF products, all natural products and organic. They are a bit pricey, but they have what you need! It’s nice to see more stores carry the items.

  6. Elsie Hodges says

    Yeahh! Kudos to Sobeys! I’m like you, I just “stumbled” on it one day when I was shopping there. Pretty excited. Now we just need to get our local restaurants to step up to the plate as well.
    Great pictures, Jeanine

  7. Barb says

    You have a bigger selection than our Wegman’s but your prices are a lot higher! Whole O’S here cost $3.59 a box as an example.

  8. Karen says

    I have noticed a big change not only in the number of products but also in the number of stores who carry GF products. I would love for your readers to remember, however that all fruits and vegetables are naturally gluten free and don’t come in a box with any icky preservatives or artificial whatevers. And they have always been in the grocery aisles! Lets load up on those and keep the boxes and packages to a very minimum … or maybe not at all!

  9. says

    It’s trickling into our stores here (Western Colorado Rockies). I haven’t seen it on that scale yet, but I haven’t been back to Denver lately. It’s not all that, but livable. Compared to 10 years ago though – soooo much better.
    Nice photos. I want to go to that store…

  10. Carlisa says

    Wow, I am glad I live in the dallas -ft worth area. MY selection is very good and our prices are way mnore reasonable for the same items. I thought we had it bad, but seems its not true. Glad you have found a more concentrated selection of producst that is always such a nice surprise. I will be thanking my local stores for carrying all the great gluten free stuff they do more often now. Thanks for the wakeup call.

  11. says

    Wow those are much more expensive than they are here in Alabama, but I do have to drive about 80 miles to get to a store that has these products, I buy most of my shelf stable stuff at amazon.com

  12. Tamara says

    Hey, Jeanine! My local grocery store just added a selection of gluten free foods, and they didn’t separate anything! All the gluten free stuff is mixed in with all the normal stuff, and you just have to look hard…kinda silly, if you ask me, but funny thing is… no one asked! LOL Are those spice packets or are they a pre-made food? It would be nice if they were spice packets.

  13. Khen says

    Well, came across this page while looking for a fondant recipe that taste better. I maybe far way behind, but, I just came to know today that marsmallows are all Gluten free in my favorite hypermarket!

  14. Deana says

    I love the Sobey’s and Superstore in Winnipeg. It is really nice to have such a great selection and all in one place.
    The Safeway in Kenora has improved 100% in the last three years. Many dedicated areas throughout the store makes it much easier to find items.Selections are expanding.
    GF costs are ouchy but it is better than nothing.
    I give Udi’s a big thumbs up – so far the best bread product out there and the chocolate muffins are worth every penny, yummy. Kinnikinnicki’s chocolate cake is excellent – bakes like a real cake.

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