Crusting Buttercream

Birthdays are done and finished for this year, so now we can fully concentrate on Christmas!! Mind you, I’ve been busy crafting and decorating for Christmas for the past few weeks already, that is what has been keeping me busy. But, the end is in sight now, and then I will switch over to Christmas baking!

On a side note, if you want to follow along with our family’s “Elf on a Shelf” antics, please pop by The Baking Beauties Facebook page, where new pictures are posted daily. I love keeping in touch with you guys via Facebook, so please pop by and say “Hello”. :)

But first, I wanted to post this recipe. It is not my original recipe, I got it from However, this icing was so great to work with, and everyone seemed to love how it tasted, so it is a recipe I want to be able to remember the next time we have a birthday. :) I love this frosting because it gets a slight crust to it, so you can use a smooth, lintless cloth, or a paper towel, and put it up against the icing and smooth the icing out, without it sticking to the cloth or paper towel. So, I was able to achieve a smooth, fondant like look,without having fondant on the cake. Everyone loves the look of a fondant cake, but not the taste, and kids are no exception. I had kids asking for seconds, so I know this is a recipe I must keep on hand.




  1. says

    ooh! I love this buttercream recipe. And I am like you – sometimes I will just blog about a recipe so that I will not forget it for next time. And I am just getting started on my holiday baking as well now that i am done with the decorating! 😉

  2. Michele B says

    I know what you mean about a recipe that works well. My butter cream icing is similar to yours and I always get a lot of great comments on it. If you do want a great tasting fondant recipe, let me know…got a hold of it a couple years ago and now I won’t use anything else…they all taste chemically to me now. The best part is you can use any flavouring you want in it!

  3. says

    i really love the new site it is very interactive, i will definitely try this recipe and let u know how it turns out on my side of the world in terms of temperature/ humidity.

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