Gluten Free Lime Meltaways

I hope you’re enjoying cookie week! If you have tried either the Thin & Crisp Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies, Soft Ginger Cookies, or Pumpkin Snickerdoodles, please leave a comment saying how they worked for you, and if you made any changes to the recipe.

Today’s recipe is one that I first printed out about 5 years ago. I came across it on the Martha Stewart website, but when it came time to actually bake, this cookie didn’t get made. I found them again on Closet Cooking and I’m glad that I finally got around to making them though, they have a great crisp texture, with a nice lime flavour. I hope you will enjoy them.




  1. Cj Fernholz says

    Looks yum! Trying to lOw carb it, why do you suppose there is corn starch in them? Will try with coconut flour, good pairing with the lime.

    • Tamara says

      Hi. Are coconut flour and cornstarch interchangeable? Truly, I’ve never even thought about it before, and what a great idea if they are!

      • Lisa R says

        Tamara, actually cornstarch and coconut flour are not interchangeable. Although Arrowroot starch, or potato starch are interchangeable with cornstarch. And the starches add thickening and stretch to our baked goods. You could forgo the starch, but use more tapioca flour, which is also a starch.
        If you use coconut flour, you’ll have to make adjustments for eggs and oils as the coconut flour requires more moisture. :)

    • says

      I think the cornstarch is to make them lighter/meltier. I don’t think the coconut flour would work well, and if you do try it, try only a tsp or so of the coconut flour, as it is an extremely absorbent flour. HTH

  2. says

    I’m loving these cookies. I made these with gluten a couple years ago. I can’t wait to try them gluten free. I have a perfect event in January for these!

  3. Tamara says

    Hi Jeanine! I made those pumpkin snickerdoodles yesterday, and didn’t change anything (except I rolled them in raw sugar instead of granulated) and they were absolutely awesome! Well, ok, confession…LIZ mixed them and I baked them. I was too busy baking breads to bother with making a batch of cookies, but I wanted them so badly that I had to ask her help, and they turned out fabulous! Thanks for the recipe. It’ll be a favorite from now on, and not just at the holidays, either! Sweet! Merry Christmas to me! LOL

  4. Katia says

    Hi Jeanine, I tried making these cookies today and a tray of one big melty cookie. they all ran. Any suggestions? please help !

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