Gluten Free Beef and Beer Stew with Rice

I have always been a huge fan of Jamie Oliver. It all started back when he was just a bachelor with a neat flat and a scooter. Now, he’s grown into a family man on a mission to make the world a better place, one lunch cafeteria at a time. So, he is a man I am impressed by, and when I am looking for inspiration for a meal, and feel stuck, or don’t have many ingredients in the house, I look to him and his recipes. Many of his recipes use everyday, down to earth ingredients, making it easy to find an answer to those “What’s for supper” days. In this case, the question is “What to do with this stewing beef?”. I had bought a package of stewing beef, but didn’t feel like making my regular stew (but the next time I do, I will be sure to blog that recipe, it has a beautiful brown gravy, loaded with veggies & topped with gluten-free dumplings. You’ll like it, I promise.)

Anyway, Jamie Oliver had an answer to today’s question. He has a recipe for a yummy looking beef and ale stew, which I used as inspiration for this dish. I made a few simple alterations along the way, but either way, I think you’ll enjoy it.



This recipe is being linked to Canadian Beef in hopes that I can win an all-inclusive scholarship to Eat, Write Retreat in Washington, D.C.

Update: I did not win the scholarship to the Eat, Write Retreat, just in case anyone was wondering. Thanks for tolerating my rapid beef postings. :)


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