Jeanine’s Pot Roast

I woke up this morning to see the snow falling and the wind blowing and making it dance past the windows. If there is something that winter teaches a person, it is that warm, comforting meals are one of the few things that make these days (of shoveling) bearable. Simply, put together a few basic ingredients, let it slowly roast in the oven for hours, and you will have that wonderful, comforting smell wafting through your house in no time. Plus, since a pot roast doesn’t need attention, you are free to go out sledding with the kids, curl up at the fireplace with a book, or shovel the driveway.

Again, this is “Jeanine’s Pot Roast” because everyone has their own way of doing things. There are as many ways to make a roast as there are colours of crayons, so feel free to use this only as a guide to create YOUR pot roast. If you don’t like something, omit it, or if you insist on adding something else, feel free. This is just the way that I have developed that my family enjoy.


This recipe is being linked to Canadian Beef in hopes that I can win an all-inclusive scholarship to Eat, Write Retreat in Washington, D.C. The contest runs until Monday, Febuary 24th, so expect a few more beefy recipes between now and then.


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