Introducing, the Canadian Cookies (and March Madness GIVEAWAY!)

Today I would like to introduce you to some of my online foodie friends. There is Cindy from Hun, What’s for Dinner?, Cathy from The Hungry Hollow, Heather from Buttery Bites Caramels, and Marisa from Tasty Delights. These ladies only make up about half of us cooking-crazed ladies that span from coast to coast in the Great White North.

Let me start at the beginning.

A year ago, I had never “met” any of these ladies before (I still haven’t in person. Yet). Last April I decided to enter a cream cheese cooking contest, and as fate would have it, they would all enter too. One thing none of us expected when entering this contest (hey, we were all going for the $20k), was that we would all become friends. We just clicked. Our styles were similar, and after watching so many of them work in their kitchens, week after week, it’s like we all knew each other and were old friends. The contest came, and went. A few of the ladies won the cash prizes (even yours truly who got a $500 gift card), but all of us gained friends.

Even though the cooking contest was over, we all still felt a need to keep in touch. Many of us had blogs at the time of entering the cream cheese contest, and others are just beginning food blogs. We decided to join forces as Canadian food bloggers, and Canadian Cookies was born. We’ve been keeping in touch, bouncing ideas off each other, and encouraging each other ever since.

Today, I have the pleasure of introducing some of the Canadian Cookies as we kick off with a March Madness Giveaway! Some of the other Canadian Cookies have too much on their plates right now, but I know they will join in the next time we have a giveaway. 😉

Here’s where you will find the giveaways for the next week:

March 20, 2012 ~Hun, What’s for Dinner: Cindy, located in Barrie, ON, is a stay at home Mom to 2 wonderful children. Her love lies with cooking and baking, which allow her to relax and break into her creative side. Oh, and did I mention that her husband is a chef? Many times I’ve heard Cindy say that she expected her husband to make her amazing, restaurant quality meals after they got married. Just a note: apparently a chef doesn’t necessarily like to take their work home with them. 😉

March 21, 2012 ~ The Hungry Hollow: Cathy, well, what can I say about Cathy. This woman is amazing! Cathy lives on 12 acres, where she and her family raise their own chickens & ducks, as well as growing enough veggies for her to sell at the Farmer’s Market in summer. She has many award winning recipes, and she and her BFF were on an episode of Food Network Canada’s Dinner Party Wars, where they won! As if Cathy’s not busy enough, this self-sufficient woman is also in the process of stocking an online store where she will sell her amazing hand-sewn aprons. All that AND a sense of humor!

March 22, 2012 ~ Buttery Bite Caramels: Heather is from northern Alberta. She is a fun-loving woman that wears many hats. She is the owner of Buttery Bite Caramels, which are smooth, sweet caramels that are made with old fashioned ingredients, like cream, butter & vanilla bean. 😉 In addition, she has a small fabric store on her yard as well as a farm with llamas, rabbits, chickens, a cute little buffalo named Bill, a few donkeys, and now goats and geese (I know I missed a few animals).

March 23, 2012 ~ Tasty Delights: Marisa, who is from Toronto, ON, is new to blogging. She is an avid baker and has been cooking since the age of 10. Her food combinations tend towards healthy choices that would reduce fats and sugars. She is the proud mother of 3 and has taught all of her children how to cook and bake. She is a personal trainer and has been teaching fitness classes for 20 years. Marisa has won won prizes for some of  her baking recipes, including at the Canadian Baking and Sweets Show.

Be sure to hop over there and enter their giveaways this week. They are not gluten-free blogs, but I know you can find some tasty, naturally gluten-free dishes on those blogs as well.

As well, you can join The Canadian Cookies on Facebook! We have just started a new page there, where we want you to join us! Have a cooking or baking question? Want to share one of your favorite recipes or even a strange food find? We’d LOVE to hear about it and have you join us (and, you can get more entries for the giveaway by “liking” our Facebook page). 😉

Now, onto MY giveaway!! I’m so excited! I thought long & hard about what to give away. Should I do a cookbook? Baking supplies? Kitchen gadgets? After a lot of thought, I went a slightly different route today. I decided that with spring being RIGHT around the corner (tomorrow, as a matter of fact), I would give away TWO books that deal with gardening. Urban gardening, container gardening, small space, organic gardening, to be more exact. I thought that with the rising cost of food, and with everyone wanting to know where their food comes from, I would help one of you to set up your own small space garden with these books.

Today you have a chance to win:

McGee & Stuckey’s Bountiful Container: Create Container Gardens of Vegetables, Herbs, Fruits, and Edible Flowers by Rose Marie Nichols McGee and Maggie Stuckey. This book is 400 pages of how-to for small space gardening of vegetables, herbs, edible flowers and fruit.


Grow Great Grub: Organic Food from Small Spaces by Gayla Trail. This book will show you the basics of gardening, plus teach you how to tend for your plants using natural methods, no chemicals involved. You can transform any small area into a space to grow your own organic goods.

Giveaway Time:

So, if you would like to win BOTH of these gardening books, please enter using the entry form below. The contest is open from March 19th until midnight on March 25th. The winner will be announced on Monday, March 26th.

Please be patient – Rafflecopter (the entry form) may take a moment to load.

**To see a tutorial on how to enter blog giveaways using Rafflecopter, please click HERE**


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  1. says

    You have no idea how excited I am about the Grow Great Grub book. I borrowed it from the library, and I’ve been considering buying it because it is just amazing. Crossing ALL of my fingers and toes. Best of luck to everyone! :)

  2. Kayla says

    Very awesome contest! I have limited space and learning container gardening is something that I’ve started to get into! Good luck everyone!

  3. Sarah says

    Love growing my own veggies in the garden. Most of all I love that the kids can pick and eat while playing and they get a healthy snack without even knowing it. :)

    • Cori says

      Oops – didn’t see the questions at first! I *have* gardened and come from a long line of gardening women, but right now my yard it too small and would love to learn more about container gardening. I love garden fresh peas :-)

  4. Noreen says

    I can not wait for the snow to clear so we can get into the garden! Going to plant some seeds with my kids this week in cardboard egg cartons….we are all excited to see GREEN!!! Books look fab!

  5. Marisa says

    Kudos to glorious Jeanine, ever so thoughful and insightful. You are always there for us, wonderful words and encouragement! Love ya

  6. Jennifer says

    Thanks for bringing these books to everyone’s attention. They are what I’ve been looking for regarding small space gardening. Looking forward to getting my hands dirty this spring!

  7. Gail says

    I garden in pots. Tomatoes, herbs, peppers (different kinds) and tomatillos. I would love to grow cucumbers, but have not been successful.

  8. MommaMary says

    I only do balcony gardening now, I miss my garden. I used to can all summer.. From new baby potatoes to spaghetti sauce. I never was able to grow cauliflower. Just never could make them head.

  9. says

    I love being introduced to new blogs.. and such a great group of giveaways!

    I eye everyone’s garden jealously. I so have a black thumb! :( I have started small and bought a lavender, mint, and just today a pineapple sage plant (smells wonderful!) If I can keep those alive, I will attempt to move on to actual food plants on day! LOL

  10. says

    Wow I did not know there were so many people on face book with my likes. My kids showed me how to get on face book 3 years ago. I do not play the games they take to much time. As a laugh at how much time I am taking looking at all your sites everyone. I am trying to convince my hubby to do containers . He still thinks the old way is better.


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