Celebrate Cinco de Mayo – Gluten Free

I’m not that much of a fan of celebrating holidays, especially those that really have nothing to do with me. But, with it can involve delicious food, well, get out the maracas, I’m ready to party!

Oddly enough, Cinco de Mayo (or 5th of May) is mainly celebrated in the United States, and only in regions of Mexico. Might I add to that list, regions of Canada as well, as we plan on having some delicious Mexican food tomorrow as well. Not so much because it’s a celebration, but well, it’s delicious food. Enchiladas, tacos, rice & beans are all a favorite in this house.

To help you out with some menu ideas, I’ve compiled a board of recipes on Pinterest. I’ve been to all the sites, no viruses. 😉 Feel free to browse for different appetizer, main course, dessert & beverage ideas. Have a great Cinco de Mayo, everyone!

This post is linked to Whole Food Fridays.

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