Friday Finds ~ Second-Hand Scores {June 1, 2012}

I have been having such a FANTASTIC time going to garage sales this spring so far. This past weekend my family of four loaded into the SUV to hit 3 community garage sales. Yes, we actually enjoy the hunt that much. The kids were well behaved, we had a few good finds, and had a really good time. Besides that weekend, Thursday’s have been full of many, many garage sales with a friend of mine. Going with a friend makes the day so much more enjoyable. We have a great time, each score a few great finds, and are exhausted by mid-afternoon. It’s great!

I had fantastic finds again this week…here’s a peek.

Yes, totally out of season, but these 3 plush snowmen called my name. And at $5, I had to answer. They stand about 36-inches tall, and are as cute as can be. Can’t wait to find a place for them next November.


An 8×11-inch ceramic baking dish from Epicure Selections for only $1! Brand new too! Score!


Three brand new ice cube trays that have silicone bottoms, so the ice will be easy to remove. I bought these with the sole purpose of freezing coffee cubes for my favorite frozen coffee. Trust me…frozen coffee cubes, not ice cubes, is the key ingredient in any good frozen coffee. These were only 50ยข each, so $1.50 for the 3 of them.


I bought this chipped enamel bowl with full intention of planting something in it. I’m thinking maybe some pink geraniums with some white bacopa trailing. If I ever get around to planting my flowers, and they fill out the way I want them to, I’ll be sure to take another pic and post then.


Thanks for joining me again today, I’d love to hear what your second-hand scores were lately. Everyone loves a deal, even if it’s not their own; please share in the comments.


Just a quick note about some Facebook’s recent changes. When I post to The Baking Beauties Facebook page, only a fraction of you will receive the updates in your news feed. This is Facebook’s way of trying to get Page owners to pay for our updates to reach our readers. I will not be paying for that service. If you want to receive The Baking Beauties updates in your news feed, be sure to stop by the page, like status updates, comment, and post. This shows Facebook that The Baking Beauties page is important to you, and my posts have a higher chance of making it into your news feed. Yeah, I know, clicking “Like” should be enough to show that you are interested, and want to see updates, but that wasn’t making them any money. If you want to read more about these changes, you can read this article. Thanks to all of you that join me on Facebook, I love interacting with you there. I’d hate to see that go.

In case you missed it, this week’s posts:

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!


  1. Andrea says

    I would totally wear that shirt ! And bonus, it would be easier to find each other- especially if we made them bright orange or lime green!

    • says

      haha, can you imagine the husband’s eye rolling if we had a uniform yet?? :) I think back to some of our laughs on these Thursday’s, and still laugh out loud.

  2. Margaret A. Massey says

    You youngsters are sure having fun. At my age [78] I am trying to get rid of stuff I’ve had for years and no longer need. When any of my granddaughters come I give them whatever they want. May you live long enought to do the same.

    • says

      Oh, Margaret, if you were in our area & having a garage sale, I’d be there in a heart beat! :) You never know what neat things you can find at garage sales, especially older things. I LOVE older things!

    • says

      Thanks, Lyndsay! I planted it yesterday, hopefully I can keep it alive now, then I’ll take pics. Planted all my second-hand scores yesterday, actually. Exciting!! :)

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