Friday Finds ~ Second-hand Scores {June 15, 2012}

And the hunt continues! I’ve had a busy week this week with watching my daughter’s track & field (which ended up taking way longer than they thought), so when Thursday morning (our main garage sale morning) rolled around, I actually felt like I ‘should’ stay home. I’d been outta the house two days in a row, and thought maybe it was time I get something done at home, or maybe even plan a supper. But…I couldn’t. It was Thursday, we’ve only got a few weeks until the kid’s are out of school, and there were about 20 sales going on. No staying home for me…we hit the road to find some treasures instead.

My friend and I have this theory…you always find all the good stuff at the first garage sale you go to. That is where there will be all sorts of great things, at great prices, and you start thinking…wow, what if every sale today is like this?? But, after leaving that first great sale…you hit sale after sale without finding a thing. It happens. To us, it happens quite often. But, you always go to one more sale, just in case there is ‘the thing’ at the next one.

The first sale we went to yesterday, this was my sweet find. Seriously, I’d probably never ever buy food at a garage sale, but these are individually packaged juice crystals to make any bottle of water into a flavoured juice. A whole bag full of them, in every flavour available, for $3! I think we pay that for a box of six of them. We use these in summer when we go camping, so we only have to bring water along, but we can mix ourselves some ice tea or juice to go with our supper, it’s a treat for us when camping. So…SCORE! :)


This next find is something a little out of the ordinary. One of my readers, who is also a friend’s aunt, after finding out where I lived, emailed me and asked me to keep an eye open for a certain cookbook. She had received this cookbook, that was put together by a number of churches from across Canada and printed where I live, in the 1980’s as a gift. It is a much loved cookbook, and her cover was missing, pages were getting loose, etc. She asked me to keep an eye open, if they ever did a reprint, or if I found a copy, to let her know.

With all the garage sales I’ve been going to, and whenever I stopped at the thrift store, I’d take a look for it. Yesterday, at the first garage sale (again, it’s always the first that is the best!), I found this cookbook. I wasn’t sure it was the exact one that she was looking for, but figured if it wasn’t, I would just keep the book for myself, because it is a fantastic compilation cookbook, with about 1,000 recipes in it. LOVE those cookbooks.

I emailed her, and she could describe everything but the front cover to me. It is the exact book she was looking for! This one is in ‘like new’ condition (fantastic for being 24 years old), minus a small oil stain on the back cover, and was only $1! How neat is that? Even though it wasn’t for me, finding that book was one of my highlights of the day. If you keep looking, you will eventually find what you’re looking for! 😉


My other near score for the day…stainless steel Kitchen Aid mixing bowls, paddles & whisks for a lift-bowl stand mixer. There were 3 of each at a garage sale, I didn’t know if they’d fit, so I left them there. I came home, measured mine, took the measurements & the paddle back to see if they were the same. Ended up taking a bowl home to see if it fit, and the circumference of the bowl was just a little bigger than mine, even though they were both 5 quart bowls. :( The bowls were only $5, and the paddles and whisks were $3. So close, yet so far. Great deal for someone, just not me.


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  1. says

    What fun garage sales can be. Judgement calls need to be made…good score on the iced tea packs! I have had people buy some interesting things when I have garage sales, so you just never know what you can sell…or find.

    Just a comment…there is no captcha to copy and paste today to leave a comment.

    • says

      yeah, I’ve seen some pretty strange things at garage sales, or even on the classifieds, makes you say Hmmm… You just never know what you’ll find. :)

      I FINALLY figured out how to remove the captcha thing, since it was giving a lot of people grief when they were trying to comment. This should make things easier. :)

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