Keep the Kids Busy with Sidewalk Paint

Summer holidays are half over for us, and although the kids have had some lo-o-o-ong days, they haven’t begun to sing the “I’m Bored” song yet. When the kids did start to get a bit restless, I mixed up three batches of this Sidewalk Paint and they were busy for a few more hours. I bought some paint containers with lids and large brushes from the dollar store, and they work prefect for these paints, since the lids keep them from drying out or spilling. We’ve used neon food colouring to colour these paints, about 10 drops gives us a really nice, bright colour. The paint looks a bit ‘watery’ when it is first painted, but once the water has evaporated, you are left with a bright image (depending on how bright your paint is).



  1. Betty Reimer says

    You are a good Mom Jeanine..and you must have been doing something right if you haven’t heard the “I’m bored” yet:)

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