Gluten-free Crisp Chocolate Wafers, Perfect for Ice Cream Sandwiches

I’ve managed to re-create nearly everything that I missed from gluten days. Gooey Cinnamon Buns. Check. Amazing pizza. Check. Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies. Check. Plus, another 400+ recipes that I didn’t really NEED, but it’s nice to have, just in case. 😉 I seldom buy gluten-free products, I usually try to make my own instead. But, I will buy cereal, pasta, and ice cream cones. One thing that I miss, that I don’t think I’ve even seen a store-bought version available, is ice cream sandwiches. It’s been over 4 years since I’ve enjoyed an ice cream sandwich, so I figured maybe it was time to do something about that. And so I created this recipe for a crisp dark chocolate wafer, that can be used for sandwich cookies (read “Oreo” knock-offs”), or pulsed in the food processor for chocolate crumbs, great for cheesecakes and gluten-free rum balls.

Or, you can use them to make gluten-free ice cream sandwiches! :) To make ice cream sandwiches, scoop softened ice cream onto a cool cookie, and top with another cookie. Wrap each ice cream sandwich in plastic wrap and store in the freezer. It is best to do this in advance so that the cookie has a chance to soften and the ice cream has a chance to harden before they are eaten.


    • Jeanine says

      Thank you, Heather! I hope you enjoy them. Nice to wrap up, stick in the freezer, and just take them out when you ‘need’ them. 😉

  1. says

    I was SO excited to see this on my blogger dashboard! I’ve been trying to find a gluten free ice cream sandwich recipe for ages THANK YOU :). Love love love the pictures.

  2. Claudia says

    These look delicious! Only thing is, I’m corn-free as well. Are there any substitutes for corn starch in your recipes?

    • Jeanine says

      I haven’t tried it, so I don’t know the results, but you could try substituting the cornstarch with either arrowroot starch or potato starch. If you try either, let me know how it works!

  3. karen says

    Do you think that the cookie part would work, if you baked it in large sheets and then crushed it up as a crust for cheesecake?

    • Jeanine says

      Yes! that’s exactly what I do if I just want the crumbs, and not the cookies. :) Works great! (great for rum balls too!). 😉

  4. says

    Thank you so much for this recipe! It is actually gluten free Oreos! What an AWESOME cookie to have and love and eat and love and….oh wait…I mean bake for my customers too! Yum yummy yum! Thank you thank you!


  5. Hannah says

    These cookies are amazing!! My husband even loves them even though he doesn’t like chocolate. And my mom ate about half the batch when she tried them! We love making them into ice cream sandwiches. They present a very unique and easy dessert item when entertaining guests! I will give one suggestion or two for the first time baker of these delicious wafers, when I bake these, they only need to bake for 5 minutes or even less than that. Also, let the cookie sheet cool off between bakings. Makes them cook more evenly and less likely to burn. Otherwise, amazing recipe!! Thank you so much for making this available! Gluteb free can taste amazing!!

  6. Fiona says

    i’m super interested in using as crumbs in a dessert square that I make, but wondering if you can make in advance and how you store it? Would you process the cookies when cool and put crumbs in freezer to have on hand when ready to use?

    • says

      Sorry for the late response, Fiona! Yes – baked, cool, process into crumbs, then just store in a resealable bag in the freezer. Ready to use when you are. :)


  1. […] These chewy cookies, which are  are slightly crisp around the edges, are great paired with a tall glass of cold milk. But, they are also the perfect cookie to pair with your favourite gluten free ice cream. Summer doesn’t have to be over yet. You can bake up a batch of these cookies – which have all the benefits of oats, and half the sugar most cookies do – and treat your family to some wonderful ice cream sandwiches. I used classic vanilla ice cream, but these cookies would pair well with nearly any flavour. You could even roll the edges of the sandwiches in mini M&M’s, sprinkles, or finely chopped nuts like I did with these Ice Cream Sandwiches. […]

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