April 2, 2013 ~ Update

Hello, everyone!

I’ve been doing quick updates on Facebook, but realized that I never did update the blog with all the happenings lately, so this morning I will take a few minutes to update you with what is all going on in the Baking Beauties kitchen.


The Everything Guide to Living Gluten-Free

Jeanine Friesen, author of "The Everything Guide to Living Gluten-Free

I’m not sure I ever mentioned it here, but my book, “The Everything Guide to Living Gluten-Free” is out and readily available! You can find it on Amazon, or anywhere books are sold. I found a few copies at my local Shoppers Drug Mart. To everyone that has already bought their copies – THANK YOU! And to those that have been kind enough to take a few minutes to leave a review on Amazon – I give you a virtual shiny star sticker. Thank you! More reviews will help bump the book sales – so if you haven’t left a review yet, please consider it (the good, bad & ugly, any review will do). 😉


Gluten-free Cinnamon Bun Baking Class

Gluten-Free Baking Class at Stony Brook Pantry in Steinbach, MB

For those that live in south-east Manitoba, you have the opportunity to sign up for a fun gluten-free baking class with ME! The class will run for about 2 hours, and in addition to learning how to bake the best gluten-free cinnamon buns, you will also have the opportunity to ask questions and sample some of my other gluten-free baking. Contact Stony Brook Pantry if you are interested in signing up for the class.


Food Bloggers of Canada 2013 Conference

Food Bloggers of Canada 2013 Conference

Late last year, I entered a contest sponsored by Manitoba Canola Growers. It was a “My Cookies are the Best” contest, where you were to submit a cookie recipe that uses canola oil. I developed a few recipes, one being a recipe that I thought would remind my husband of his Grandma, Gluten-free Sour Cream Sugar Cookies. Every Christmas his Grandma used to make a soft white sugar cookie topped with pink frosting. The recipe I submitted WON, and next week I will be heading to Canada’s first ever food bloggers convention in Hockley Valley! The speakers that they have lined up sound amazing, and I really look forward to connecting with other bloggers and brands, and learn how to improve my blog writing, recipe development, and photography skills.


“Be Well!” Shared My Story

Gluten-free Sour Cream Sugar Cookies

Be Well!”, the blog by Manitoba Canola Growers, shared the story about my WINNING Gluten-free Sour Cream Sugar Cookies! You can read the entire article, and find the recipe on their site. Thank you very much, Wendy, for taking the time to interview & write the article, I appreciate it!


CTV Morning Live

CTV Morning Live

Tomorrow morning, April 4th, at about 8:45 CDT, I will be on CTV Morning Live! I don’t believe you can watch online, but for those that aren’t local, but still in Canada, you may be able to catch it on satellite TV (CTV Winnipeg). I will try to post a video clip of the segment after it has aired. Since it is a live show, hopefully I can share it tomorrow already. I will have an opportunity to talk about the gluten-free Sour Cream Cookies that won me a trip to the food bloggers convention, the Everything Guide to Living Gluten-Free, and just gluten-free in general. See how much I can talk about in just a few short minutes. 😉


Well, I think that’s about it. I think you’re not up to date on what’s going on. Time to hit the kitchen to bake some of my gluten-free Sour Cream Sugar cookies to take along to CTV tomorrow! I hope you all have a blessed day!


  1. Claire says

    Are you giving the classes a few times, I live in Norway House, Manitoba and would definitely go to one of your classes… we are actually planning a trip to Winnipeg beginning of May ? Oh how I would love to take your class, you are the master of gluten free baking!! Does your book contain many recipes?

    • says

      Hi Claire! I’m not sure what the classes would be like yet – I have some ideas that I am working on though. I will be sure to post about them here. Wow, you’re quite far north! Do you have to ship a lot of GF items in?
      The book actually has over 120 recipes, on top of 10 chapters of ‘how-to’ :)

  2. Jools says

    Sigh … if only there wouldn’t be a big pond between S-E Manitoba and my part of the world … I would love to follow one of your classes. Nevertheless, good luck with all the great things that are happening to you! And instead I’ll follow you via your blog and bake along with you, my family and friends are happy enough that way.

  3. Sharryn says

    Hi,loved seeing you on CTV.Ready to order 2 of your books online.My 4 year old granddaughter was diagnosed with celiac disease last April and her live has completely changed for the better.Her mom has turned into an amazing baker since then but I have been struggling using mixes and scouring stores for ingredients.Looking forward to your books.Thank you for doing all the hard work.Sharryn

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