Another cookie for you, Mr. MP

Take a look at what I received in the mail yesterday – it is a letter from my local Member of Parliament, Mr. Vic Toews, congratulating me on winning the “My Cookies are the Best” contest, hosted by Manitoba Canola Growers! Although I’m sure he’s busy with other more pressing matters, it is kind of neat (in a funny way) to get recognition from your government.

Congratulations Letter from Vic Toews


I think that’s a nice little boost during Celiac Awareness Month. Now if only we could get a law passed that would require all chefs and wait-staff to be educated on the seriousness of what “gluten-free” means to those of us that require a gluten-free diet, possibly by making it a larger part of the Food Handlers Certificate courses that are taught by the government. Unfortunately, “Minister of Public Safety” doesn’t cover what the public eats. 😉


  1. Genee says

    Congratulations! I am so proud of you and it is so nice that your government took the time to do this for you!!! You have given so much of your time to give, give and give more! It’s nice to be appreciated and they are watching you! 😉

  2. dana says

    Yay! That’s quite neat! I can’t believe a gluten-free cookie won a contest! I’ll have to try this recipe. I tried one of your others a few weeks ago and it was yummy. The store-bought gluten free stuff is generally so awful that I had given up until I tried your recipe.


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