Get Your Grill On – Grilled Turkey Breast with CranApple Cremini Stuffing {Free E-book}

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Grilled Turkey Breast with Cran-Apple Cremini Stuffing | The Baking Beauties


Now that summer is in full swing, the daytime temperatures are too high to turn on the stove, and you’re tired of eating barbecued hot dogs – it’s time to kick up your grilling game a notch with the help of  Turkey Farmers of Canada and Mushrooms Canada. You may be unaware, but mushrooms and turkey really compliment each other beautifully. Don’t be fooled, turkey isn’t just for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The different cuts of turkey that are readily available in your grocery store are just the beginning of many great dishes. If you are only familiar with roasted turkey, you may be unfamiliar with how to grill it.  You can download two new FREE e-cookbooks, compiled by Turkey Farmers of Canada and Mushrooms Canada, which include 20 fabulous grilling recipes that will help get you started on your turkey grilling adventure. I have had the pleasure of contributing two recipes to these e-books, including the recipe for Grilled Turkey Breast with CranApple Cremini Stuffing.

My husband just saw me working on this blog post, and when he saw the picture he just remarks, “That was good, you should make that again” before continuing on his way. If you’re looking for some versatile, flavourful turkey and mushroom recipes that will have your family asking for more, definitely take a peek at these e-books.

Download the Turkey Farmers of Canada e-cookbook.

Download the Mushrooms Canada e-cookbook.



    Hello, I am unable to open the links provided for the ebooks,
    which show as ‘page not found’. Is there an alternate address
    to access the books, or are they only available to those in Canada?

    Many thanks, Karen

  2. says

    Since I made one, it’s been on my list of favorite recipes and this has been the most requested dinner by my 6 year-old son who eats nothing but chicken. I’m just glad I found this recipe to be able to give variation for my son. It’s so hard to feed him but with this and chicken, it just makes my life easier. LOL!

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