Adventures in a Gluten Free Kitchen {Gluten Free Garlic Mashed Potato Pizza}

Disclosure: This post was created for the Manitoba Canola Growers Be Well Blog .  I was compensated for my work.  My ideas and opinions are my own.


Hopefully your family enjoys an occasional pizza night. It doesn’t have to be a weekly scheduled thing, or even a regular event, but hopefully, every once in a while, your family gathers around a large, round pan of dough that’s been heaped with your favourite sauce and toppings.


Gluten Free Garlic Mashed Potato Pizza | The Baking Beauties


Read my Adventures in a Gluten Free Kitchen with Pizza and try my Garlic Mashed Potato Pizza on Gluten Free Pizza Dough recipe at the Manitoba Canola Growers Be Well Blog and be sure to enter The Great Pizza Story Contest while you are there.  Great prizes to be won including a personal pizza making lesson for you and 5 friends with Chef Mary Jane Feeke of Benjamin’s Foods in Selkirk.


Enter to WIN the Great Pizza Contest


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