Easy Shredded Turkey Tacos

Easy Shredded Turkey Tacos from The Baking Beauties


Sometimes finding a meal that the whole family will not only tolerate, but DEVOUR can be a bit of a task. My kids are pretty good eaters, they usually try whatever is put on their plate, but I really enjoy cooking dinner when they are excited to get to the table. The days you have to poke and prod (and yes, sometimes bribe them with the promise of chocolate cake if they eat their food without you having to coax them any further) aren’t nearly as fulfilling.

When I made these Easy Shredded Turkey Tacos, I couldn’t keep the family away from the table. While I was photographing it, they were lurking around the kitchen, waiting for the OK to sit down and eat. My kids loved these easy shredded turkey tacos – what’s not to love when you can eat with your hands? Use your favourite taco toppings to create a dinner that the whole family will love. This shredded turkey also works great on sandwiches or nachos, so don’t be afraid of having leftovers.

This is a recipe that I developed for the Turkey Farmers of Canada. You can find the whole recipe, along with nutritional information, HERE. Enjoy!


  1. MJ Hoop says

    I hear on radio that turkeys are fed arsenic just before slaughter. To make them gain extra weight in the last few days of their lives. Is this practice healthy for us? I know we are being poisoned with our food, coal ash, and so on and so forth. Is arsenic in turkey worth bothering about?

    • Lucy says

      I worry about all our food. In todays world so much of our food is unsafe to eat. My family has gone organic with everything we eat. We are fortunate to live in a farm community and many farmers here grow organically. The expense is greater but my children’s health is priority.


      Some ingredients to avoid this is a short list, for processed food but you get the idea. youtube link above.

    • says

      Hi MJ Hoop! One has to be on guard with what is being offered to us, I agree. I consulted the Turkey Farmers of Canada and they provided me with this information (keep in mind, this is in Canada).

      “Medications may be given to turkeys in Canada to prevent and treat diseases that may threaten a flockā€™s health and welfare. However, by law, farmers must adhere to the required medication withdrawal times prior to the birds being shipped for processing, in order to prevent potential residues being present in the meat. Farmers work with their veterinarians, processors, and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to ensure that medication withdrawal times are met, and turkey meat is safe for consumers.”

  2. Lucy says

    Jeanine, I have a some roasted chicken leftovers, was thinking of chicken alfredo, but this looks so good to!

    How is you summer going? It has been hot, and wild fires all around us in BC very scary!

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