Gluten Free Old Fashioned Doughnuts

Gluten-free Old Fashioned Doughnuts | The Baking Beauties
Yes folk, that’s right, gluten free old fashioned doughnuts! These Old Fashioned Doughnuts were actually really simple to make, and they tasted just like the donuts that you get fresh at the summer fairs, all covered in a cinnamon-sugar coating.

I bought myself a donut cutter the other day when we were in the city. I don’t really know why, I had never even successfully made donuts before going gluten-free. What was I going to do with it now that I couldn’t even eat my failed yeast donuts? Well, I decided to look online for a gluten free donut recipe. Lo & behold, there it was! And on a side note; what on earth did anyone do before the internet anyway??? Going gluten-free would have been horrible back then! Anyway…

The next time I make these donuts, I think I will skip the donuts, and make them all into donut holes. The donut holes are such a nice little size to just pop into your mouth while walking past the platter of donuts (don’t ask how many I ate that afternoon, yikes). Like all gluten-free baking, it is best when fresh, however, it can be frozen & reheated in a 350 degree F oven when you want to serve them too. These were awesome, and I didn’t even miss not being able to buy them at the local festivals this year (why would I when I have them in my own kitchen??).


Gluten Free Old Fashioned Doughnuts
This is a large recipe, so be prepared to feed a crowd, or freeze the leftovers. They freeze beautifully!
  • 2 large eggs, beaten
  • 2 cups buttermilk
  • 1/4 cup butter, melted
  • 3 1/3 cup brown rice flour
  • 1 cup potato starch (not flour)
  • 2/3 cup tapioca starch
  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • 2 teaspoons baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 2 teaspoons salt
  • 2 teaspoons xanthan gum
  • 1 teaspoon ground nutmeg
  1. Combine eggs, buttermilk, and melted butter in a large bowl. Mix well with a wire whisk or fork.
  2. Combine dry ingredients in a separate bowl and add to the wet. Mix by hand with a large spoon. (Do not use an electric mixer).
  3. Let batter rest for about 15 minutes. Turn dough onto a well-floured surface. If dough is sticky, work in more rice flour blend.
  4. Roll dough 1/2" thick. Cut with a doughnut cutter.
  5. Fry in 1 to 3 inches of very hot oil (375 degrees F) until brown on one side. Turn doughnuts over and brown on second side.
  6. While doughnuts are still warm, toss in a mixture of white sugar & cinnamon to coat. Serve warm.


Gluten Free Dougnut Holes | The Baking Beauties


Using a metal cookie scoop, you can simply make this dough into gluten-free doughnut holes. Crispy on the outside, soft in the middle, they are the perfect bite-size treat.



  1. Clumbsy Cookie says

    Oh wow! They look just perfect, i’m glad to know there are great alternatives for gluten free people. nobody should be forbiden of eating doughnuts!

  2. Iris says

    Well. I gathered my GF children around the computer just now and shared the good news of donuts again! It’s gotta be one of the hardest things to give up, but now we don’t have to! They look wonderful and I love that they seem quite easy. I’m looking forward to trying them sometime soon.
    (ps the GF chocolate cupcake recipe you posted last month (I think) was a great hit here this week for my daughter’s birthday. Her friends couldn’t believe they were eating gluten free and loving it!)

  3. Beck says

    I am so absolutely delighted to see this recipe! My youngest child – she’s three – has celiac disease and YEARNS for doughnuts. This will make her SO happy!

  4. Jeanine says

    Clumbsy Cookie, you’re so right! No one should be denied a donut! :)

    Iris, that is awesome! How cute to gather them around and say LOOK, WE CAN HAVE DONUTS!! So glad that the cupcakes went over so well too. I did those for my daughter’s Kindergarten grad too, and no one knew. They will be my boy’s birthday cake too, cause I want to have his cake too. :)

    Thanks, Colleen, I’m glad you could stop by my little home on the web. I’m having fun taking pics of my food. Weird I know, but it’s fun. :)

    Beck, that is so awesome! I’ve found a lot of the premade stuff you can buy at the store is WAY expensive, but also directed at kids. You should give the Oreo cookies that I’ve blogged about in the past a try too, they taste just like Oreos, in my opinion. VERY yummy! :)

  5. shweetpotato says

    Ohhh doughnuts how nummy, I have no idea what gluten is but Ive been hearing alot about gluten free recipes so Im gonna look into it 😀 Carm

  6. Michele says

    Gluten-free donuts?!?! These look amazing. We are very excited to have them included in this week’s FoodieView Recipe Roundup. Thanks so much for sharing your recipe and that mouthwatering photo with us!!!

  7. zebe912 says

    I'm curious what sort of texture these end up with. The flour blend is really heavy on the rice flour, and everything that I've made with rice flour so far has been gummy, chewy, & gross. Do these actually end up cooked well all the way through?

  8. Jeanine says

    Michele, it’s my pleasure to share them. Thanks for the wonderful roundup!

    Zebe912, I’m not kidding you, they have the same texture as the ones you can buy at the fair. Like the cake donuts covered in the cinnamon/sugar coating. They aren’t a yeasty donut, but the texture is perfect when fresh, can’t tell you how they are over time though, as they didn’t last that long.

  9. zebe912 says

    Unbelievable! As you know, I wasn’t sure this recipe would turn out much different than most other GF recipes: gummy, chewy and ick.

    But these really are GREAT!! I had to adapt the recipe a little further (no refined sugar) and I halved it. I also added a little cinnamon.

    I used my TBSP size cookie dough scoop and dropped them into my temp controlled electric fondue pot. This made cooking super easy, and quick, and avoided oil over open flame on my stove, which always makes me nervous. Yum!

  10. Jeanine says

    I’m so glad that you had good luck with them! The next time I make them, I’m going to drop spoonfuls in too, instead of the whole doughnut. Doughnut holes are the best part anyway, right?? :)
    I also use my electric frying pan when deep frying anything, because then I have a temp control, and don’t have to worry about the oil getting on the elements of the stove. A temp controlled fondue pot is also a great idea!

  11. Sara says

    Do you have to have a donut cutter in order to make these?

    I want to make them so bad!!! I think I will tomorrow if you dont need a special cutter!

  12. Jeanine says

    HI Sara!
    You most certainly do NOT need a special cutter to make these. :) What I would do is roll the dough into a rope or snake, and just cut off pieces to make donut holes instead. Next time, I’ll do all donut holes instead of full donuts. This will make them a nice little bite size, and gives more sugar/cinnamon per bite too. :) Enjoy them!!

  13. Sara says

    Oh the donuts were absolutely delicious!! I did end up making donut holes. Simply amazing!! Thank you so much for this site! I’m going to check out the other yummy recipes you have on here. :)

  14. Emma Karina Kofoed says

    hi.. I’m really inspired by your GF-cooking.. unfortunately I’m also lactose intolerant and are looking for recipees free of that as well? do you by any chance have any recipees free of both?

  15. Jeanine says

    Hi Emma! I’m not sure how replacing the buttermilk with soy or rice milk and 1 Tbsp vinegar would work, but you could give it a try! My recipes are a mix of GF and regular, and some are naturally free of other allergens, but since gluten seems to be my only problem, that’s the one I try to avoid.

  16. Dave says

    I just tried them and they WORK GREAT!! I haven’t had a doughnut in 3 years, I almost cried.

    I can suggest a few things.

    i made my doughnuts in a wok, so I didn’t have a temp gauge. Be sure the oil inst’ too hot, they burn quick.

    Also, I used an English muffin ring and a shot glass to make the doughnut.

    I think the doughnut holes work best because now i can just keep them in the freezer and enjoy a little snack anytime I want.


  17. Jeanine says

    Dave, I'm soooo glad that these worked for you! And great idea about using the english muffin cutter & shot glass as a donut cutter. Whatever works, right? :) The next time I make these, I think I'm going to do them all into donut holes as well, a nice bite size snack then. :)

  18. Meg says

    Bookmarked! I’ve known I was coeliac since I was 4, so I don’t even remember donuts… I can’t wait to try this recipe!
    Thank you so much :)

  19. Steven says

    Do to many dietry restrictions i subsituted xylitol for the sugar, soya milk and lemon juice for the buttermilk and vegan spread for the butter and it still worked perfectly.

    i also rolled a batch half as thick, used cookie cutters to create circles, spooned jam onto one circle, put another circle on top to form a lid and then used soya milk to close the edges.

    Perfect jam doughnuts that met so many dierty requirements!

    A great recipe, cheers!

  20. Jeanine says

    Steven, I’m so glad that you were able to adjust these to fit into your requirements! That is wonderful. And those jam donuts sound AMAZING! Yum!

  21. Cathy says

    Mercy….I sure do miss donuts. Thanks for the great recipe. I do have to modify it a little as I am also allergic to dairy and egg yolks. Sigh…Among other things. But I will try to make them with Soy Milk, and Egg “Whites”, and see what happens. At the very least they will be “a little less fattening”. :) Which may be a good thing! So I will try them and let you know! They look SOOO Good!

  22. Jeanine says

    Hi Cathy, I hope you give these a try! If you read through the previous comments, you’ll see that others have made many alterations to this recipe, and still had success! Seems to be a very forgiving recipe. :) And they ARE good!! Very good! 😉

  23. Mieke says

    I've not read your blog before, but found this recipe after my son and I were bemoaning the lack of GF doughnuts. It's absolutely marvelous! To make the old-fashioned kind of doughnut that is all raggedy around the edges, I just turned the heat down to 275-300ºF, then made up a vanilla glaze to drizzle all over them. Thank you SO so much!

  24. Jeanine says

    Mieke, thank you so much for posting the comment about the raggedy edges. That's interesting. Those sound absolutely delicious! So glad that you and your son were able to enjoy them! :)

  25. Melanie says

    Thank you for the recipe. I usually avoid mathmatical problems, but I'll do them for donuts:) How does the rice flour blend equate? I figured it roughly to be 3 1/2 cup rice flour, 1 cup potato starch, 1/2 cup tapioca starch.

  26. Erin Jackson says

    I just found your site today looking for gluten free donuts and I have to say your food photography is beautiful, your site is beautiful and I can't wait to try your recipes!

  27. Sophie says

    I looove the look and sound of these. I have been craving gluten free donuts for quite some time, though I never even thought about coming up with a recipe because it just seemed so tough! This looks awesome. Do you know if I can bake them?

  28. Zulazoop says

    thank you so much! this is great for a surprise breakfast for my friend and her 2 sisters who are allergic to gluten.

  29. Linda says

    Just came across your blog and I am so excited! I'm new to this. I have to avoid potato too. Do you have a suggestion for a substitute for the potatoe starch in so e of the recipes?

  30. Jeanine says

    Welcome to this crazy world of science-baking. :) Your kitchen will feel more like a lab than a bakery when you do some of these things, but it's well worth it. :)
    You can try substituting cornstarch for the potato starch. Let me know how that works for you!
    Happy baking!

  31. TrailRat says

    Hi There

    Loving the doughnut recipe. Tried making the usual Brit doughnut for jam filling. Sadly couldn't get the centers to cook properly but, yes we have doughnuts!!


    Also being British I had to try and work out the weights and measures. I think I may have figured it out.

    A few questions, if you don't mind.
    Can the dough be put in the fridge overnight?
    Is potato flour and potato starch the same thing? I used potato flour, in a pinch because I can't find potato starch.

  32. Jeanine says

    So glad to hear that they turned out well for you. I can't view the picture though, but that may not be a bad thing…I'd probably want to make some more then. Did you shred apple in it? VERY good!

  33. Wo says

    I just made the doughnuts for myself and my little girls… SO YUMMY!!!! Thank you so much for the recipe… bookmarked for sure :)

  34. Jeanine - The Baking Beauties says

    @Tamera H., Hi Tamera! I think you should be able to switch it out without any problems! You may want to add 1 Tbsp of lemon juice, to make up for the acidity in the buttermilk, and use the rest of the liquid amount of a dairy free milk. Should work well!

  35. says

    oh my gosh. thank you thank you thank you!! I haven’t been GF for long, but I’ve missed doughnuts so much, and I didn’t quite realize just how much until I ate one. I used a few different flours, as I only had a small amount of rice flour left, but they were still doughnuts, cakey and yummy. (the cake doughnuts were always my fave) We soaked them in hot honey butter when they came out of the deep fryer, and oh my. heaven. again, thank you so much!

  36. Kathy says

    I saw these a couple weeks ago and tried them last night; what a treasure! I was unsure about which rice flour so used one part brown to two parts white rice. They were delicious and turned out looking exactly like the donut holes I used to buy and same texture. They went into the freezer immediately and revived with just a few seconds in the microwave to have with coffee this morning. I will leave them there until Saturday, I will I will, I will! Thank you Jeanine!

    • Jeanine says

      I usually use all brown rice flour. Good luck at them staying in the freezer until Saturday! 😉 So convenient, aren’t they? :)

  37. rose says

    hi jeanine i am new to your sight, just found it, i am high excited. my son is a highly allergic child. he cant have dairy, gluten, nuts. can i exchange the buttermik for rice dream? butter to oil? what can i exchange the nutmeg with? is the 5 cups rice flour blend equal to 3 cups rice flour 2 cups potato starch and 1 cup tapioca starch? would be so greatful if you can answer me as soon as possible i want to prepare them for hanukah. thank you

  38. danielle says

    This looks awesome and not too hard. We are trying to go dairy free too. Is there anything you can substitute for the buttermilk?

    • says

      To sub the buttermilk, use 2 Tbsp lemon juice, and enough of your dairy-free milk to make 2 cups. Let it sit for 5 minutes before using.
      I like making these using a metal cookie scoop, makes great doughnut holes, less work, same great taste. :)

  39. Sabrina says

    Can’t wait to try! I see a few people have made and put in the freezer, just wondering how they do coming from the freezer? Thinking of making ahead for Sunday after mass? Also…any guesses on how long it took per side in the oil for doughnuts vs holes? Thank you!!!

    • says

      Yes, you can make them in advance, I find they are best to warm up on a baking tray in the oven for a few minutes if you do that, to freshen them up a bit. I believe that they take about the same amount of time to fry, you just have to turn them (or they will turn on their own), to make sure it browns all the way around. Just don’t make the doughnut holes too big, or they will stay doughy in the middle. Test with a few first to make sure the size & oil temp are right. :)

  40. Heidi says

    Finally decided to try your donuts after trying out many other donut recipes. Not sure why I didn’t start here since every baked good I’ve made from your site has been perfect! But these donut holes were THE BEST!!!! Taste and texture just like the gluten donuts. And though I was a bit afraid of the frying, once I started I realized how easy it was! Thank you very much for sharing your recipes! You’re a gluten free genius! And we are benefitting from it! :)

  41. Joanie says

    Just made a half-recipe of these – they turned out beautifully and are delicious. Have been GF baking for a while and never had such nice dough to work with. Usually baked goods seem to require a batter but this was a lovely soft dough, easy to handle and roll out. Thank you Jeanine!!

  42. Tony says

    I was wondering if I could incorporate Cup4Cup flour into your Gluten Free Old Fashioned Donut Recipe instead of using all of the other flours as ingredients. Would the end results differ?

  43. says

    These were delicious Jeanine…of course I am not surprised since it came from you!

    Here is what I did for refined suagr free and dairy free:

    -used half palm sugar, used the rest stevia.
    -used palm shortening to fry
    -added 2 tablespoons of vital proteins colleges peptides (the kind that does not gel) for some protein.
    – 3/4 cup coocnut milk, 2 teaspoons lemon juice, and 1/4 cup cocnut milk yogurtj

    • says

      Tessa, you are AMAZING! I’m so glad that you come back and let me know what changes you made, I’m sure that will help a reader in the future as well. :) Glad that you guys enjoyed your doughnuts!


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