Pumpkin Ice Cream

Yes, folks…pumpkin ice cream! I’ve never seen this available in the store, but it would really make a great seasonal ice cream, I think. This ice cream tastes just like pumpkin pie, with the wonderful taste of pumpkin, and the great blend of spices. With the heavy cream & egg yolks, it makes a really great ice cream base, very smooth. I thought the pumpkin puree might cause a bit of an ice crystal texture, but there was no such thing. Simply delicious!

And how does this go together with the GF Gingersnap cookies that I posted yesterday? They are perfect paired together to make an ice cream sandwich. Just put a scoop of ice cream on a cookie & top with a second cookie. A nice, new take on ice cream sandwiches!



  1. betty r says

    Oh my goodness Jeanine..I can tell this must taste amazing! Oh and to pair it up with gingersnaps..ahh such bliss..no other words left to say!!

  2. Clumbsy Cookie says

    Yep, that would so work for me! No need to eat ice cream with your pie, when you can eat pie with your ice cream!!!

  3. foodaccordingtome says

    There’s always pumpkin ice cream in the stores around here about this time of year –– But none with bourbon in it. I imagine that particular addition makes your version even more delicious! Thanks for sharing!

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