24 Gluten Free Pumpkin Recipes from The Baking Beauties

24 Gluten Free Pumpkin Recipes from The Baking Beauties

Every autumn I get a few pumpkins for baking and making puree, and I have found so many great things that can be made with it. Pumpkin adds great moisture to gluten-free baking, and paired with spices, it can fill you with the “warm-fuzzies” during the cool autumn days. Grab a warm cup of coffee or tea and browse these 24 gluten free pumpkin recipes to warm your soul and for some inspiration. From pancakes, cookies, and good-old-traditional pumpkin pie, there is sure to be a recipe to suit everyone’s tastes & kitchen expertise.


    • Jeanine says

      LOTS of pumpkin things to try! :) I tried pumpkin chili once…although the kids were kind enough to finish their portions, they were not fans.

  1. vesta dorado says

    the scones are my weakness and now you’ve added waffles. Oh well! Would like the pumpkin chili recipe, had it years ago in Arizona and it was wonderful.

  2. Mel Giesbrecht says

    Hi Jeanine, I am experimenting with this whole gluten free thing. Not sure if that is actually my problem yet. I have bought some gf flours but sorghum is not one of them. I was interested in baking the pumpkin spice cake which calls for sorghum. Is there something else equally suitable I can substitute – like rice flour perhaps? I love your website. I made the cinnamon bun cheesecake to take to friends the other day and it went over very well. Keep up the great work!!


  3. Pam Seed says

    I have to follow a strict low oxilate diet and have discovered gluten is a problem also do you have any recipes that deal with both? Getting a little desperate here! Thanks and love you site! Pam

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