Gluten-Free Whole Grain Sandwich Bread

I am gluten free. I have Celiac disease. To me, it’s stupid to call it a disease, cause it isn’t. Someone is allergic to peanuts, do you say they have a disease? Nope! However, I see it as my tummy just doesn’t digest gluten the way it should. That’s fine. Since switching over to a gluten free diet I have learned a lot about gluten free baking, which isn’t all that hard, it’s kind of like a science experiment every time. So, the kitchen has become my little science lab. :) And I’m feeling so much better in only a few months, that it is worth it for me.

When people hear gluten free, they think you will be lacking. To tell you the truth, a lot of the baking I do now is nearly better than my regular baking. The only stinky part is that you can’t go buy the convenience foods like you once could, a lot of what you make has to be made in your very own kitchen. But that’s not a bad thing, at least you know what is in it then, and you can alter things to suit your tastes.

One of the BEST recipes I’ve come across (and a staple in my new GF diet) is the Whole Grain Sandwich bread from Carrie at Ginger Lemon Girl. Wow! I think I’ve made this bread about 5 times already, and each time I get 2 small loaves. I’ve shared my bread with those in my family, and they all love it too. It is a fantastic recipe, which I’ve tweaked a little to suit my personal tastes. To see the original recipe, you can check out Carrie’s blog HERE.




  1. Carrie says

    Dawn! Looks absolutely beautiful! I love how your bread loaves look like real bread loaves!! Yum!!!

    The only thing you might want to change is in the beginning you said it was my “whole wheat” bread… that might confuse people! It’s whole grain, but thankfully wheat free! LOL

    I’m so glad you are enjoying it! Your bread is absolutely beautiful!!

  2. Jeanine says

    Oops! Whole wheat was a typo, sorry, it’s corrected now. Guess we’re even…I’m Jeanine, not Dawn. :)

    That bread is worth buying the bread dipping oil for…delicious! :)

  3. Joelle says

    Hi…this loaf looks great! I was just wondering what you would substitute for the dry milk powder, and how much? Thanks!

  4. Jeanine says

    Hi Joelle, sorry for the delay!
    You could replace the water in the wet ingredients with soy or rice milk, if dairy isn’t an option. You can also leave it out, but then I can’t tell you if it’ll be drier or not, I believe the milk powder makes a moister loaf. HTH, and let me know if you try it!

  5. Anonymous says

    Hi, I have 2 questions. 1) Which recipe of Carrie's is this? (I've tried some of her recipes too and I'm curious to know if this is one that I have tried already.)

    2) What is the pectin for? (does it add fiber, or maybe is it used as a binder?)

    Thanks for your help!

  6. Jeanine says

    Hi there,
    This recipe is from Carrie's "Favorite Gluten-free Sandwich Bread". I've really been enjoying the bread listed on the side of my blog, I've never had a flop with it!

    The pectin, I think that's used as a binder, but I also believe it adds protein to the bread.

  7. Anonymous says

    You must have the magic touch….. I've tried several gf bread recipes including 2 from your page w/ brick like results. I am going to start searching for a good packaged bread.


    The bread looks great! It's always encouraging to come across some nice adventurous recipes, that encourage home baking.

    One thing though, sadly celiac is a disease and an auto immune disease. A lot of problems come up from people who don't understand it thinking it's an allergy which it isn't and then they don't take it seriously or think you're just being picky.

  9. Amanda and Nick says

    I made this last night and it was fantastic! First loaf of home made gluten free bread! So so good :) Thank you so much for posting this recipe! I have almost been a whole year without bread the store bought stuff is so gross.

  10. Brittany says

    Celiacs disease and a wheat allergy are two completely different things. Celiacs is an auto-immune disease where wheat gluten triggers the immune system to attack the inner lining of the intestines. It can create serious complications and prevent the body from absorbing nutrients. An allergy is a hypersensitivity that creates an inflammatory response, not the body attacking itself. A wheat allergy and a peanut allergy are similar. Celiacs and a peanut allergy, not even close. We need to be careful and not mislead people into believing that celiacs disease is not serious. Celiacs disease does not always produce symptoms. Someone expecting a reaction like hives or a runny nose (symptoms of allergies) may continue to eat wheat gluten, and seriously harm themselves, when asymptomatic.

  11. Alice Theofan says

    Hi Jeannie!
    I have been making your wonderful gluten free bread into buns for over a year now and they work out perfect every time!!! Now my husbands Dr. says that he needs to eat more whole grain in his diet and I’ve been trying to figure out how to do that with a Celiac…..Now I know! I’m sure this bread will be a delicious too. I’ll be excited to try it as a loaf or even a few buns!!! I’ll let you know how he likes it!!
    Thanks again! :)

  12. Karen says

    Hi Jeanine-so glad I found your blog. My 17 year old daughter was diagnosed with Celiac a month ago. I am an avid baker (and a fairly good one at that) living in rural Saskatchewan and not being able to bake with the grains growing all around me is a stretch, to say the least!! We Mennonites have that in our blood! In these last four weeks, I’ve found many recipes for bread but none that I’m really satisfied with. This one looks amazing!
    Anyway, I’d like to try this recipe today. I don’t have apple cider vinegar on hand. Is there a substitute? What exactly does it do?

    • says

      Hi Karen, I know exactly what you’re talking about! I remember thinking too – really?!? I’m surrounded by wheat and barley fields! Ah well, we learn to adapt. :) Instead of the apple cider vinegar, you could use regular vinegar. I have another recipe on here that I like better, it is this one:

      But I also really love this one:

      I have another bread that is more like a white sandwich bread (but still healthy) that I hope to share in the next week or two, so keep checking back! :)

      • Karen says

        Success!! Jeanine – this bread is amazing! Rose beautifully, is fluffy, not gummy and tastes great! I find out this week if I’m Celiac in addition to my daughter. This bread and your blog have really encouraged me. I made a delicious gluten free pumpkin pie with your pastry recipe on the weekend and all loved it. Am thankful for your blog as I reflect on Thanksgiving this time of year!

        • says

          NICE!! So glad to hear that Karen! Good luck with your test results. I am diagnosed celiac, but my Mom’s blood work came back negative. But, the blood work isn’t the most accurate, and can give false negatives. She benefits from a gluten-free diet though, so go figure.
          Glad to hear that everyone enjoyed the pumpkin pie too! There isn’t much we can’t do if we’re determined. :)

  13. Alvera says

    Hello Jeanine! I am wanting to use this recipe as my first attempt ever!!! My only issue that hasn’t been talked about is the yeast…can I not use my fast rising? I am so spoiled!

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