Gluten-Free Gingersnap Cookies

Alright, holiday baking is starting to come to mind, and these cookies are great for then (although, I do them year round). They have the right amount of spices, they had a great texture, even days later, and they were a nice chewy gingersnap cookie. Delicious! Definitely add this to your “must try” list. I’ll add a recipe tomorrow that will take these and make them into an awesome (quick) dessert too!

If you have any tried & true Christmas baking recipes, please email them to me (use the button at the side). This is my first Christmas being gluten-free, so it’s a new ball game for me. I’d love recipes for sugar cookies, snicker doodles, anything with chocolate & caramel, hard peppernuts, or any other winners you might have! Now…back to the gingersnaps!




  1. Iris says

    OOOh! My family will be very happy. I haven’t had much luck with turning my regular ginger cookie recipe gluten free, so this will be wonderful. Thanks, and I look forward to the recipe tomorrow.

    I found a gluten free shortbread cookie recipe this weekend, but haven’t tried it yet. I’ll keep you posted. It’s not Christmas without shortbread!

  2. Jeanine says

    Iris, let me know how those shortbread cookies work for you! I saw a great recipe over at Mennonite Girls Can Cook (link on the right) for some wonderful GF cranberry cookies, I must try those too! :)

  3. vegetablej says

    I’m definitely trying these. In the midst of holiday baking, I was searching for a gingerbread cookie recipe but these look better. Thanks!

    If you like dark fruitcake, I have adapted a recipe. It was my grandmother’s, and now it’s gluten free and just as good, maybe better. Today’s post, December 17th.


  4. MerrittWrites says

    Delicious! I altered the recipe a bit because I do not eat refined sugar or dairy. I used Coconut oil in lieu of butter, agave nectar (1/2 amount of sugar in recipe) instead of sugar and buckwheat flour instead of tapioca, mostly because I didn’t have and tapioca.

    They came out great! Thanks!

  5. MerrittWrites says

    Oh, and 2 tbs ground flax seed simmered with 6 tbs water for a few minutes to make an egg replacer, for a vegan option : )

  6. Shelly says

    These cookies did not turn out. They tasted like baking soda, and they ran all over the cookie sheet. Are you sure this recipe is correct? Can you help? Thanks!

  7. Anonymous says

    Good cookies! Husband and I both like them! I found that a key to making these is to make sure that the dough is kept refrigerated right up till I set them in the oven. That made a huge difference on how much they spread. Tasty! Thank you!

  8. Jeanine says

    Shelly, I don't have any problems with them tasting like baking soda. If you are using margarine instead of butter, you will want to be sure to use baking margarine (the squares) and not tub margarine. And refrigerate your dough prior to baking, that should help.

  9. Carolyn says

    I had the same problem as Shelley, minus the baking soda taste. Is it 1.5 cups, or 1.5 sticks of butter? My cookies flattened out so much they had holes. I tried cooking them longer, shorter, and in-between … the best batch was the first one when I accidentally left the oven on pre-heat!

    My GF husband says they taste great … and he confiscated the whole lot for his snacking.

  10. Anonymous says

    These were a dismal failure for me too. They were absolutely too runny with butter floating around. I too believe that the recipe must call for 1 1/2 sticks of butter instead of 1 1/2 cups. The original recipe from RecipeBazaar also says 1 1/2 cups and also has comments from people who are questioning the amount of butter due to failure. I blotted the butter off,froze them, and we ate them anyway in torn up pieces The taste was amazingly great.

  11. Sarah Alli says

    Good thing I was only making these for cookie crumbs for a cheesecake crust. I kept them chilled until the last minute and they still ran all over the pan. I am a pretty experienced GF baker so I suspect the problem is with the recipe- probably too much butter like the others were saying. Next time I’ll try two sticks instead of three- because the flavor is excellent.

    • says

      Sorry, Sarah, I’m not sure. I’ve made them a few times, but haven’t had a problem. I do have a new soft gingersnap cookie I’m working on though. :)

  12. Hannah says

    These cookies turned out texture wise, but tasted super strongly of baking soda. I was carefull with the measurements, not wure what happened. I’m usually incline to put slightly less soda then called for, but followed the recipie this time. Ohwell! Would reccomend trying a little less soda and more spice then called for!

  13. JUDY HALL says

    Just made these-nervous after reading all the comments. I used butter flavored Crisco. ( I do that with old oatmeal cookie recipe that always spread. ) No spreading! Also kept in refrig until time to bake…my balls were more like 1.5″ so it took much longer to bake these. BUT I love Gingersnaps and haven’t found a commercial one that is soft like I like. How should I store these? I usually put a piece of bread, GF, of course, in to keep cookies soft. I hope that won’t ruin them!


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