“Why Didn’t I Think of That?” Wednesday {June 13, 2012}

Welcome back! I have another great Wednesday line up for you today. With Father’s Day being this coming weekend, I decided to share some awesome Father’s Day gift ideas that I found on Pinterest. These are quite simple, but nice, gifts that you (or your kids) can make for your husband, Dad, or Grandpa. Beats the clay ashtray that you made your (non-smoking) Dad when you were a kid! :)

Hey, if your kids are like mine, and constantly adding rocks to their collection, this might be a nice way to use up that beloved collection without actually throwing them out.


With everyone having access to digital cameras and instant printing services, I think this is a really neat (and super cute) idea for a Father’s Day gift that can stick around for years (you can’t say that of many homemade gifts!).


“My Dad deserves a pat on the back” – I’ve actually made this shirt for my husband YEARS ago, before my (now 6 year old) boy was even born. I thought it was super cute, he only wore the shirt a handful of times. Ah well, thought that counts. :)

Source: tiffkeetch.blogspot.com via Jeanine ~The Baking Beauties on Pinterest

Love this card! How simple, but how cute. Super easy if you use rub on letters too!


I think this is really neat, but I don’t know if your husband would appreciate having the bottom of his shoe covered in paint. Maybe use an old pair?


This idea really caught my eye, I just think it looks really neat. Saw some others that were referring to “Dad’s Six Pack”, I guess that could apply here too.


This is one I think I will have my kids both do. I’ll split them up so they can’t help each other, and see what kind of answers they come up with to questions about their Dad. :) Could be a great keepsake.


Another cute, simple craft that should keep the kids busy for a few minutes (and you for the next hour finishing it for them). :)


This one is my favorite. I saw this picture on Pinterest, and thought…How Cool! Maybe one day…if the sun is shining, we can try this. Could be great for all kinds of occasions, actually.


There ya have it! If you have any gift ideas, please share!

Here’s a song that always makes me think of my Dad, hope you guys enjoy it too. Happy Father’s Day to the Dad’s out there (I know there’s a few of you here). 😉


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      Isn’t that cool? Not sure we’ll have time to do some of these, hard to get this done when Dad’s home before the kids every weekday. lol

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