Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day! Today I have a very special guest blogger, my daughter Abby, who is 9 years old. She put together this article, including the pictures, all on her own. I told her I would share it with you guys here, I’m pretty proud of her and this is her first published article. :)


 Our Home Country

 By Abigail Friesen


This is a Canadian flag. The red stands for the blood of Lord Christ and the white stands for a pure, clean heart. It goes like this because Canada is a Christian country.

Canada Day is a big day—it’s Canada’s Birthday! This year Canada is turning 145 years old! We’re living in a great-grandparent! If you ever live to be that old, think about how Canada felt. Write about it if you want.

Canada is a large country with 10 provinces and 3 territories. Canada is the second largest country in the world! Take care of it and keep studying!



  1. Margaret A. Massey says

    I have often thought that if I had to leave Washington State I would like to move up to British Columbia. We always have met nice people when we went there. Common children indeed.

  2. Marion says

    Great job, Abigail! I am very thankful that I was born in a great country like Canada. I take good care of my country and it seems like you will too. Thanks for your post. You did a terrific job! With love, from Calgary.

  3. Betsy M says

    Wow, that is a great article Abigail. I never knew that about the Canadian flag colors – what a wonderful thing to think about when you look at your flag. I can’t wait to tell my kids what I learned. Thanks.

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