Gluten Free Keilke or Vereniki Dough

Gluten-free Keilke (hand cut pasta) or Vereniki (perogy) Dough | The Baking Beauties

When I saw this recipe forĀ Gluten Free Keilke or VerenikiĀ  Dough posted over at Mennonite Girls Can Cook, I knew it was going to be on my MUST TRY list! And boy, I have not been disappointed. Although I have not used the dough for perogies yet, we have loved the noodles with some cream gravy & onions…yum! After going gluten-free, I thought that the perogies & keilke were off the list for life, but that wasn’t the case at all. Thank you, Julie, for the great recipe!! The dough rolls out and cuts fabulously, and when they cook up, they separate nicely. Very impressed! We’ve started making a triple batch of this recipe, so there would be enough for lots of leftovers too, because fried up the next day, they taste fantastic! This Mennonite girl is happy. :)

To get the full recipe, visit The Mennonite Girls Can Cook.


  1. Susan says

    Good job certainly are doing a good job in food prep. You are not missing any kind of food that you enjoy. Great pic..makes me hungry for homemade noodles.

  2. betty r says

    Oh my Jeanine now I am hungry for noodles far again to your house?? lol
    Julie does a great job of submitting gluten free recipes on our blog.

  3. Jeanine says

    Seeing that pic makes me hungry for them too, Betty. :)
    How far?? Well, just over the river & through the woods! lol
    And Julie does an AMAZING job with GF recipes! Love it!

  4. Maureen "Hold The Gluten" says

    Holy moly!!! Between yesterday and today’s posts, I am in need for some pierogi goodness right away!!! Um, what time is dinner tonight?! :)

  5. Barb R says

    Hi Jeanine,

    After complaining about GF bread, I tried this recipe and have to say its the best one yet. My bread was flat on top, maybe because I had to substitute some ing. I can’t do dairy so I used rice milk instead of the water and left out the skim milk powder. I also subbed honey for the sugar, and used traditional yeast because that was what I had. My whole family enjoyed it!

  6. Anonymous says

    Love the new look. Surprise!! I had some cottage with MALTODEXTRIN and had a reaction. The carton was labled gluten-free but it seems some people aren’t up on that. I did e-mail the distributers. Margaret

  7. Amanda says

    I tried to make these perogies but the dough was incredibly sticky. I could barely knead it because the dough just stuck to my hands and adding more tapioca flour didn’t see to help. What did I do wrong? Are you supposed to chill the dough first?

  8. Senta says

    I would really like to make these but cannot find cream style cottage cheese. Is there a substitute or could I blend small curd? I live on the west coast, maybe a regional thing? Thanks.

    • Jeanine says

      Hmm…I’m not sure! The gal that created this recipe also lives on the west coast, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Any creamy cottage cheese should work, just not the very dry cottage cheese.

    • Robin says

      You could try adding a little heavy cream to dry cottage cheese. I have used that as a sub for other recipes using creamed cottage cheese with good results.

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