Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins {America’s Test Kitchen “The How Can it Be Gluten Free Cookbook” Review}

Review of America's Test Kitchen "the How Can It Be Gluten Free Cookbook"

Most of us have heard of America’s Test Kitchen. Whether it be from the many cookbooks that they have published or the TV show, it is a name that we have come to trust. The name alone says “We’ve tried it for you, this is how it works best.” It doesn’t matter if it has to do with kitchen gadgets, appliances, or recipes, you know that when an item or recipe has been given the America’s Test Kitchen (ATK) stamp of approval – you expect high things of it. The same holds true with The How Can it Be Gluten Free Cookbook.

Months ago, when those of us who eat gluten-free heard that America’s Test Kitchen was taking on gluten free baking, we were excited! Finally, someone was going to be able to test gluten free baking the way no one else has the ability to do. With a team of chefs prepared to take on the gluten free challenge, The How Can it Be Gluten Free Cookbook was born. When I was approached by America’s Test Kitchen a number of months back, asking if I would be willing to test some recipes for them as they were developing them, I said sure! I was thrilled to get a preview of a few recipes from this much anticipated book – keeping in mind that these recipes were still in the developmental stage. I was then invited to review an advanced copy of the book . I RSVPed YES to that! And now I get to share my thoughts and opinions with you, so that you can decide if this book is right for you. But first – Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins, from The How Can it Be Gluten Free Cookbook.

Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins

One can never have too many muffin recipes. Muffins are perfect to grab on your way out the door the mornings you’re running late, to pack in lunches, or help stave off a growling tummy in the middle of the afternoon. These gluten free Blueberry Muffins turned out beautifully – they are light, moist, beautifully browned, and have a wonderful texture. Be sure to read the notes provided in The How Can It Be Gluten-Free Cookbook by America’s Test Kitchen regarding letting the batter rest, flour substitutions, and my favourite feature of this book, “Why this recipe works.”

Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins {America's Test Kitchen "The How Can it Be Gluten Free Cookbook" Review}
Serves: 12
From America’s Test Kitchen “How Can it Be Gluten Free Cookbook”
  • 11 ounces (1 3/4 cups plus 2/3 cup ATK Gluten Free Flour Blend) *see below
  • 1 tablespoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1/4 teaspoon xanthan gum
  • 5 1/4 ounces (3/4 cup) granulated sugar
  • 8 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted and cooled
  • 1/2 cup plain whole-milk yogurt
  • 3 large eggs
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 7 1/2 ounces (1 1/2 cups) blueberries
  • 2 tablespoons turbinado sugar
  1. Whisk flour blend, baking powder, salt, cinnamon, and xanthan gum together in large bowl. In separate bowl, whisk granulated sugar, melted butter, yogurt, eggs, and vanilla together until well combined. Using rubber spatula, stir egg mixture into flour mixture until thoroughly combined and no lumps remain, about 1 minute. Gently fold in blueberries until evenly distributed (batter will be thick and stiff). Cover bowl with plastic wrap and let batter rest at room temperature for 30 minutes.
  2. Adjust oven rack to middle position and heat oven to 375 degrees. Spray 12-cup muffin tin with vegetable oil spray. Using ice cream scoop or large spoon, portion batter evenly into prepared muffin tin. Sprinkle turbinado sugar over top. Bake until muffins are golden and toothpick inserted in center comes out clean, 16-20 minutes, rotating pan halfway through baking.
  3. Let muffins cool in muffin tin on wire rack for 10 minutes. Remove muffins from tin and let cool for 10 minutes before serving. (Muffins are best eaten warm on day they are made, but they can be cooled, then immediately transferred to zipper-lock bag and stored at room temperature for up to 1 day. To serve, warm in 300-degree oven for 10 minutes. Muffins can also be wrapped individually in plastic wrap, transferred to zipper-lock bag, and frozen for up to 3 weeks. to serve, remove plastic and microwave muffin for 20-30 seconds, then warm in 350-degree oven for 10 minutes.)


Most of the baking recipes in The How Can it Be Gluten Free Cookbook use a flour blend that America’s Test Kitchen developed while writing this book. The blend is easy enough to make at home yourself, but if you use Bob’s Red Mill GF All-Purpose Baking Flour or King Arthur Gluten Free Multi-Purpose Mix, there are notes stating what changes need to be made using those blends, and how it will alter the end result.

Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins {America's Test Kitchen "The How Can it Be Gluten Free Cookbook" Review}
From America’s Test Kitchen “How Can it Be Gluten Free Cookbook”
  • 24 ounces (4 1/2 cups plus 1/3 cup) white rice flour
  • 7 1/2 ounces (1 2/3 cups) brown rice flour
  • 7 ounces (1 1/3 cups) potato starch
  • 3 ounces (3/4 cup) tapioca starch
  • 3/4 ounce (3 tablespoons) nonfat milk powder
  1. Whisk all ingredients together in large bowl until well combined. Transfer to airtight container and refrigerate for up to 3 months.


Gluten Free Blueberry MuffinsMy thoughts on “The How Can it Be Gluten Free Cookbook”

This book uses a flour blend. I’m not generally fond of flour blends, because I feel they are limiting as to what they can do. However, the ATK blend does not contain any binders like xanthan gum, those are added on a per recipe basis. Also, when they feel the need to alter the ingredients for a particular recipe, they will add a flour, like oat flour, in addition to the blend.

The recipes in this book are perfect for any skill-level. There is nothing in it that will stump a new baker, and ATK is sure to give clear, concise directions.

Great things take time. Differing from almost every gluten-free recipe I’ve ever prepared or written, a lot of these recipes require the batter/dough to sit for 30 minutes, sometimes longer, to allow to flours and starches to absorb more liquid. According to ATK, this helps to eliminate any grittiness that gluten-free baked goods can have, and also results in a more moist finished product.

As a person that likes to know how/why things work, I love, love, LOVE the “Why This Recipe Works” notes for each and every recipe. It lets you know why they are using the ingredients or equipment they are using, and what kind of substitutions may work, and what the results of changing the recipe would be. These notes alone are worth the price of this book.

Filled with beautiful colour pictures, easy to follow instructions, and recipes that use readily available ingredients, I would recommend The How Can it Be Gluten Free Cookbook to those who cook/bake gluten-free. Not to mention, they have an awesome oat-free chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe – So good that my husband doubted that they were gluten-free!

The How Can it Be Gluten Free Cookbook Review


Wondering what others are saying? Check out more reviews (and more chances to win a copy) at Tasty Yummies and Beard and Bonnet. Beth made the Classic Sandwich Bread, and Meg made some beautiful Buttermilk Waffles.

Disclosure: I received a preview copy of The How Can it Be Gluten Free Cookbook free of charge. The opinions expressed however, are completely my own. This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase using these links – your cost remains the same, but I earn a small percentage to help support this blog. Thank you!


    • says

      Gluten Free on s Shoestring has an awesome biscuit recipe – just like the real thing. Just had to pass that along as I was missing them miserably until I tried it! :)

    • says

      I have a fantastic biscuit and tortilla recipe if you want it. My family loves the gf biscuit over the reg home made ones. They are light and fluffy .

    • Diana says

      This is my recipe for flour type tortillas.
      2/3 cup garfava flour, white bean or quinoa flour
      1/2 cup white rice flour
      2 Tablespoon sorgum flour
      1/3 cup tapioca starch
      1/3 cup sweet rice flour
      1 tsp xanthan gum
      1/2 tsp pectin
      1 tsp salt
      1 tsp sugar
      1 1/4 tsp baking powder
      3 Tablespoon oil, shortening or butter
      3/4 cup warm water about 120 degrees (it helps the flours bind better)
      Mix dry ingredients together. If using solid fat cut it into the flour if your using oil just pour in with water. Mix with a wooden or sturdy spoon. It will be a bit sticky but hold somewhat into a ball. Cover with plastic and let it sit for 10 minutes. Then form into 8-10 balls. They may be a bit sticky don’t add anymore flour. You can roll them out using plastic bags like a freezer bag that you cut all the ends off. Use a little sweet rice flour if necessary to roll them out between the plastic. Heat up a griddle to medium high heat. Bake them on your griddle for about a minute on each side. The griddle has to be hot enough to brown it but not that it burns them before the minute. If your griddle is too cold and you cook for more than a few minutes they will turn crispy instead of soft and pliable.
      Hope you will try them.

  1. Cara-J Reid says

    I love the idea of the “Why this recipe works” section. I have to make a lot of substitutions for dairy and sometimes potato and eggs but I’d love to have this book, and figure why somethings work beautifully and others are such spectacular failures!

    • Kate says

      I miss a really whole grain feeling bread, like what I used to eat, which was 100% WHOLE WHEAT, with things like oats on the surface. I didn’t eat any of the “whites” and now feel I’m doing nothing but whites on GF baking. So much rice, too, and the arsenic factor scares me, but I can’t eat garbanzo flour, and quinoa is too expensive. Someday, my Prince of a Bread will come :))
      Till then, I limit bread to things like ‘around my hamburger’, and it’s the Baking Beauties Bread for me!!!!! I keep it in slices in Press ‘N Seal wrap in my freezer!

      • says

        Try Sprouted Brown Rice Flour from To Your Health. I asked them about arsenic levels, their supplier is Lone Pine Enterprises, an organic farmer since the 1960’s based in Arkansas and they monitor their levels. There’s a phone number you can call for more info, but I’m not too worried about this product. I’m currently experimenting with substituting more brown rice flour in the ATK mix since sprouted brown rice flour is much softer than regular brown rice flour. They also mentioned Sorghum Flour had an “earthy” taste that reminded them of whole wheat, so that might be worth experimenting with as well.

  2. says

    Oh, I LOVE America’s test kitchen. A friend clued me into one of their chocolate chip cookie recipes a while back and of course, I’ve been meaning to “gluten free it” but never have. So, a recipe where they have the recipe all mapped out, well, score!!

    • MJ says

      Why would you go gluten free if you don’t have to?
      Sugar and GMO corn are things to avoid to save your own life and money (diabetes treatment has a very high cost and we don’t yet know the cost of GMO).
      But gluten free? I have to do it, and can do it most days, but still think about french bread and choc chip cookies….. Not going to happen.

      I think this cookbook might just let me too out the others, some of which are older and ugh!

      • says

        MJ, I do have to eat GF. I have a pretty serious allergy to wheat, gluten and many more foods. I don’t miss bread much after 10 years though I do have the gluten free on a shoestring book so I can try my hand at it again. My passion is desserts so I will often convert (gluten free in my little world’s vernacular) normal recipes which I’m reasonably successful at. I love it when I don’t have to do the work myself though!

  3. says

    I need answers to why some recipes fail! Also, I’d like some excellent recipes which are fairly easy to prepare. This cookbook sounds just what I’m in need of!

  4. Mary says

    If we want to use real milk, or a liquid milk substitute, as opposed to powdered milk, how much would we add to the mixture, and would there be any special mixing instructions? Thank you.

  5. shalindhi says

    Oh wow, I’m so HAPPY ATK has joined the GF train! I emailed them a few times about gluten free recipes and suggested they do a program just with gluten free basic recipes, especially baguettes. They suggested other links, but at that time they didn’t have any GF plans in the works. I record the show every week, I LOVE it! And congrats for getting contacted to try out some recipes Jeanine! I hope I can use frozen blueberries as well, for the muffins, or do you think it may add too much moisture?

    • says

      Shalindhi, I used frozen blueberries. :) They have a note that says frozen berries can be used, you just have to rinse them under running water, and then be sure to pat dry before using. They will colour the batter more than fresh, but at least they work! :)

      • shalindhi says

        Hi Jeanine,
        I made the blueberry muffins this past weekend — two thumbs up! Beautiful texture that is less “cake-y” than some GF muffins, more like the wheat ones. I ended up using fresh blueberries — YUM!
        Letting the mixture rest for 30 minutes really made a difference. I am going to add this step to some other recipes to see if it takes out the grit.
        I also added some finely grated lemon zest to mix, as I love blueberries and lemon together.
        Divine! Making more because they all mysteriously disappeared in one day — I blame my family and not the dog!!

        • says

          Haha, things mysteriously disappear here too! What’s up with that?? :) If a recipe doesn’t call for sitting longer, you MAY need to up the liquid a wee bit, or the dough may be too dry when it comes time to bake. That’s my guess at least.

  6. Mary says

    We are new to the Celiac world. I have a young teenage daughter who loves to bake. We’ve been experimenting with various flours, and recipes; and found some suprisingly tasty recipes. She has taken a few recipes to regular pot luck meals we attend, and last time several people, including those who say they don’t like gluten-free food, asked for her recipe. She was so excited. I’m excited to see a cookbook that explains how things work. Right now, we’re clicking back and forth between different articles, as we try to learn. Thanks for writing such a valuable book!

  7. Autumn says

    I absolutely love America’s Test Kitchen. Any recipe that I have made in the past from there has always been a success. Even though I’ve been gluten free for 2 years, I still love to watch their show every week. :) I think this book will be amazing as they put so much time and effort into all of their recipes. I’m very excited about it.

  8. Trish says

    I miss real pastry – for tarts, pies, popovers – I just can not find a recipe that is both good and user friendly! I also miss Shreddies, it was my favorite cereal – wonder if they will ever make a gluten free Shreddies cereal?

  9. Charlotte Moore says

    I don’t eat GF but I cook for our grand daughter in law that does. She loves bread and I have tried one using a particular GF flour but wasn’t happy with it. I tried one from a mis and it was better. I would love to win this since it has all kinds of recipes not just bread.


  10. Kerry says

    I’d love to win a copy of this book – the blueberry muffins look yummy! ATK has clearly put a lot of thought and effort into this book … I like the idea of allowing the ingredients to sit for 30 min. to avoid grittiness – brilliant!

  11. cm jackson says

    Love your blog — I follow daily on facebook! Have always loved America’s Test Kitchen, so winning their gluten-free book would be a dream and a big help now that I’ve had to change my entire way of eating. Not only am I gluten sensitive, but I’m also very allergic to eggs, making this new way of eating very tricky! Thanks for all your helpful tips!

  12. Laurel says

    I’d have to substitute for the potato starch and the milk powder but neither one of those is really much of a problem. It sounds like the “Why this works section” could put anyone’s baking into a higher gear. And those oatmeal cookies, drat allergies! I would make them for my sweetie though, they’re his fave.
    Thanks for your thoughts and for the review – very, very helpful.

  13. Abbe says

    thank you for this review… i’m not a fan of traditional gluten-free cookbooks, but i’ve tried enough of your recipes that i trust your opinion. thanks!!

  14. Carlisa Rushin says

    I would love to win this cookbook. I have tried many of your recipes and loved all I have tried. I would most love to have a recipe for real saltine type crackers or Ritz style butter crackers, I really miss both. Rice crackers just don’t cut it for me.

  15. says

    I am excited to look at this new cookbook! I have long loved ATK and their products, converting many to gluten-free on my own. They have always been sooo good! I wondered how long it might take them to come out with a book. What I miss most – and hopefully they have a good recipe for! – is a good, chewy yeasted donut. Thanks for this post!

  16. April says

    Liege waffles… I’ve only ever had the frozen kind (to have one fresh off the streets of Belgium is one of my dreams) but they were so delicious! Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. Melanie says

    A chocolate chip recipe by ATK? I can’t wait! I would love the book for that recipe alone. It’s been a challenge to find gf one my husband enjoys. Thanks for reviewing the book.

  18. vivi says

    my first comment is that the recipe, with those irregular ounces is complicated, – unless one use a scale – and many of us in north America do not.

    • says

      Actually, baking by weight really makes sense to me, not necessarily for ratio reasons, but that by doing it that way, we all know that we are using the same amount of flour, no guessing about how to measure.

    • MJ says

      If you don’t have a scale now, you will love it when you get one. You can even weigh outgoing mail on it and not have it come back for more postage! USPS is big on getting full fare for everything.

      I was able to get rid of three sets of dry measure cups, leaving more space in the drawer for other useful tools. And it’s hard to miss-measure with a scale, but easy with cups.

  19. vivi says

    In the comment, you mentioned that they recommend to leave the batter for 30 min. Have you try the technic in your recipe? what is the effect? or have you tried their while skipping this step – just for the curiosity.

    • says

      Of course I did it that way, I was following the recipe! 😀 They have a note that says “Do not shortchange the 30-minute rest for the batter; if you do, the muffins will be gritty.”

  20. Lynn says

    I miss the sturdy construction of yeasted wheat bread, and I would give a lot (not everything, but a lot) to be able to munch on a BLT.
    Even when good tasting I still have a texture issue with yeast gluten free breads. I keep trying for the holy grail.

    Thanks so much for the web site and the many ideas — and the contest!!

  21. Wild Child says

    Oh…I’m doing the happy dance over here. I LOVE love love loovveeee America’s Test Kitchen! I always look for their latest publications when we go to Costco. I also used to watch their TV show, but sadly it doesn’t come on in my area anymore ={ I’ve looked into getting the DVD set, but it’s expensive. I’ve known they were working on the gluten free cookbook and I’m patiently waiting. I think it’s awesome that you had input and a chance to review it. Lucky you! So how’s it feel to be an America’s Test Kitchen official taste tester? =].
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  22. Melissa says

    I’ve never been a huge pasta or baked goods fan, so giving that stuff up was pretty easy. What I miss the most is sushi and Chinese food. I know I can make it at home, but it was so convent just picking it up.
    The book looks great! Can wait to try the muffins!!

  23. Cathy V says

    It must be a great recipe book if it has your stamp of approval! I have made many of your recipes I miss my English Muffins – have a recipe I tried 3 times when I first started baking gluten free – think I know where I went wrong & plan on giving them another try :) Fingers crossd!

  24. Gayleen Vanderkamp says

    My husband is gluten-intolerant so I’ve been doing what I can to help him with his new diet. What he misses the most (and I certainly would too) is croissants….fresh, warm croissants.

  25. Joni says

    I have only been GF for 9 months, I really miss some of those basic recipes. Baking Beauties/Jeanine has
    really made me confident in my baked goods. Most of my friends and family cannot believe the muffins, bread, cakes are GF! I would love to win a copy of this cookbook! Thank you for the chance.

  26. Charlene says

    I am so glad you posted a recipe form the ATK book! I had been contemplating pre ordering this or not and now I can try it out. Do you think it would still work without the milk powder? My son can’t have dairy or soy I really have no clue what I would substitute with.
    Thank you!

  27. Karen says

    Jeanine, having made many if your recipes that turned out well, I trust your opinion. I’ll definitely try to get my hands on a copy when it’s published!

  28. Ouida Lampert says

    I suppose what I actually miss MOST is convenience. The ability to make a sandwich without planning a day ahead. And pizza that tastes like pizza. Oh – and flour tortillas.

  29. Lynne L says

    Oh oh oh!!! Reading all this has me craving EVERYTHING!!! I can’t make GF bread to save my life & now I’m “yeast paranoid” lol. I absolutely love the idea of “Why this recipe works”! It’s so comforting to have the recipes tested first…which is why I thank you so much, Jeanine, for all you do. I so appreciate every one of you. If it wasn’t for you & the others (like Shirley at GFE, Karina, GFG…too many to mention), I really believe I would have had a very hard time going GF. 3-1/2 years later, I’m doing fine, but every once in awhile…well you know. Thank you so much for this giveaway & I would love to have a copy of this cookbook!

    • Gwen says

      I forgot to say I also was testing recipes. These blueberry muffins was great and the chocolate chip cookie and thin pizza crust recipes were wonderful also. I also miss Graham Crackers.

  30. Kathy says

    I love mixing different GF flours- reminds me of playing in the dirt when I was a kid I guess! One of my favourite flours is buckwheat- I often use it in combination with rice flour and tapioca! Will try this recipe with that variation and see how it turns out.
    Also recently I have been avoiding Xantham gum after reading that it is often genetically modified. Substituting the same amount of Psyllium Husks works really well- absolutely no difference in texture and better flavour I think.
    As usual thanks Jeanine for all the work you do on this blog- a huge blessing for so many!

  31. Jen says

    I miss donuts. Not the Krispy Kreme kind the kind you get from a local shop, with creative flavors, still warm and with that perfect, airy chew and a crackly glaze. It’s one of the few things I have not yet been able to satisfactorily replicate.

    This cookbook looks to be a great edition to my shelf though. Better than using the “guess and check” method of baking would be a tested and measured method.

  32. GwenH says

    Those blueberry muffins look delicious, one of my favorite kind of berry, and the choc chip cookies looks so good, just like the real deal. Would love to win this book Jeanine, and thank-you for the giveaway.

  33. Kristi D says

    I miss good flour tortillas that do not fall apart and Pizza that acts like real pizza and is not gummy (preferably deep dish).

  34. Gaye says

    When reading thru the comments, I definitely say ditto to Ritz like crackers, flour like tortillas, and egg roll wrappers.

    Thank you so much for all the recipes you try- I have come to trust them!!!

    Oh, and the 30 min trick will certainly help a couple of things I have tried.

  35. Morenna says

    I am so excited that ATK has put out a GF cookbook! I have really like their previous work and look forward to seeing this one myself!

  36. Gina says

    I love America’s test Kitchen Cookbooks the “Why this recipe works” is a gift with every recipe.
    I’ve been converting some of ATK’s recipes on my own. If I win/buy this cookbook it’ll be that much easier.

  37. Donna says

    I miss anything sweet – cakes, cookies, donuts, brownies, etc. Every time I try to make a gluten free sweet, it just doesn’t taste good – usually the texture is off, and it is dry! My husband and I watch ATK all the time, and I’m sure that this ATK cookbook will be wonderful!

  38. Sue L says

    Just purchased your book – and looking forward to trying more recipes. Those I’ve tried from your website have been great, so your opinion on the ATK cookbook go a long way – I’ll put it on my wish list for my next GF cookbook.

  39. Shannon says

    What a great idea! Yay for ATK taking on the gluten-free challenge. I think I’m missing the variety of breads the most, pumpernickle, french bread, cheese bread, real bagels, etc. Either way I definitely plan on getting this one. (ps. Your Everything guide is in shipment to my house and should arrive today or tomorrow, I can’t wait! I’m looking forward to a book from a fellow Canadian and a gluten-free reference for my hubby that he can go to when cooking for me. :) Cheers !

  40. Dina says

    As always, thanks for the great recipes – I love your blog and have tried many of your ideas (and many more are on my ‘to try’ list!). My 3 year old son was diagnosed with Celiac last year and as a family we eat gluten free with him. The most challenging thing for me has been to find a tortilla for sandwich wrap that holds together when you roll it! I also struggle with English Muffins – Thomas’s were a staple in our house every morning and I just haven’t hit on a replacement yet that works in the same yummy nook and cranny way. I’m excited to hear about this book – definitely going to have to purchase a copy – thanks for sharing!

  41. Don says

    Do you have a recipe to make a meat pie.I want one like they make for the Festival du Voyageur.I have the meat that they put in it, but they don’t have a a gluten Free recipe for the crust.What I’d like to make them in a Progee style then you can take out what you want to heat up.Give me the instructions on how to go about making them. Thanks Don Rhymer

  42. Don says

    I would like it if you could send me a recipe for making meat pies . They make it every year for the Festival do Voyageur.Their pie is called Tourtiere in french.I want to make them in a progee style so i don;t have to heat up the whole pie. Thanks Don Rhymer

  43. Jessica Canfield says

    I really miss a really great French bread recipe…actually, I miss not being able to grab it at the grocery store for cheep like the everyone else. Some times a girl just wants to eat her great bread with out having to bake it, but if it were fabulous, I would bake it for sure!

  44. Marabelle Hincher says

    I’m so glad America’s Test Kitchen has tackled gluten-free food. Their recipes are amazing! Every one I’ve ever tried has worked out great, and I love all the explanation they give as to why something works or doesn’t. It’s like the science of cooking!

  45. Janice says

    Your blog has helped me navigate this gluten-free/wheat-free world. What I miss the most is pastry dough that can be molded to make pasties or other stuffed, folded-over pastry-type goodies as well as two-crust pies.

    Thank you for all your insights and recipes!

  46. Joanna says

    I used the America’s Test Kitchen cookbook (a gift from my mom) all the time before my celiacs diagnosis, and still use it to try to modify recipes to be gluten free. I have wondered if they would produce a gluten free cookbook and am so excited to see that they are!

  47. Joanna says

    Oops – forgot to add that I miss bread recipes the most – cinnamon rolls, bread rolls, pumpkin bread…you name it! :)

  48. Rebecca C says

    We definitely miss the crackers. Baking Beauties has been a life saver!! Everything we’ve tried has been delicious!

  49. Amy M says

    I have been hearing about this book and your post helped me determine I NEED it!!! I am especially excited by the way they have set up their flour blend.

  50. Mary B says

    I am excited for this cookbook and can’t wait to try the recipes. I hope I win it – and my GF husband hopes I win too!

  51. Erin Mataj says

    I was seriously just thinking to myself a few days ago, that I needed to write America’s Test Kitchen and have them work on some alternative flour and dairy recipes!!! Then, I get your lovely newsletter! How very exciting for you all! Can’t wait to dive into the new book! Congrats!

  52. Vicki says

    I am really hoping that a New England test kitchen has some goor recipes for Whoopie Pies! I miss my favorite recipes: chocolate, pumpkin and banana whoopie pies. Oh, and Brownies! The GF store mixes taste like cardboard!

  53. says

    I just had to start GF, and this book sounds amazing. Plus, I’m such a nerd and love the science behind it all. I can’t wait to dig through your site!

  54. Tracey says

    I subscribed to Americas test kitchen magazine for years, some of my favorite recipes came from there. I also bought the yearly cookbooks, which went to my daughter. their carrot cake was amazing! I agree about the explanations on how things work. I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy of this.

  55. Carolyn Henton says

    I miss baking and eatting baked goods. I tried making gluten free cookies from a recipe I found online. They were terrible. I would love a good cake recipe.

  56. K.Phelps says

    Thank you for providing a review of ATK new book…I’m so looking forward to reading and trying their well-thought-out and tested gluten-free recipes. Many thanks for providing an opportunity to win their new book.

    Some of the things I miss most about having had to eliminate gluten from my diet are artisan breads…such as San Francisco sour dough….and also croissants! Although I’ve been gluten free for over four years I have yet to have had success in baking REALLY GOOD bread…bagels…and/or most bread-like recipes. Oh..they come-out ‘alright’, but not successful enough to consider baking the recipe again. My goal as a self-taught baker is to bake things that taste just like I remember them before having to stop eating gluten. Thank you for helping me in that endeavor.

  57. Annette Mullins says

    The thing that I miss the most is a good bread. What’s on the market now is ok, but I still miss the texture of a fresh baked loaf of bread.

  58. Diana says

    I miss white “Wonder” type bread. I miss the texture most of all. We use udi’s which is the best so far and I found a great recipe on Instructables for a white bread that was really great very similar to Udi’s but you still have to toast it which I wish I could find a recipe where you can eat is soft without toasting.

  59. Leslie H. says

    This is my first visit to your site. I look forward to trying some of your recipes,though. You must be pretty awesome for ATK to ask your opinion.

  60. Diamond says

    I like that the xanthan gum is not in the mix. I’ll have to see how the dry milk powder works for things – if I’m going to have a mix on hand.

  61. Tara Gauthier says

    I was missing soft buns and then tried recipe at Thanksgiving that turned out great! Other than that I have not tried GF shortbread as I just love my grandmas so much so I cheat a bit and eat some during the Holidays!

  62. Diane Bowron says

    I miss the bread from Lebanese bakeries. They make a round of bread dough, cover it with cheese, fold it over, and bake it in the oven. And we go by the bakery at least twice a week!

  63. CMV says

    I love America’s Test Kitchen and am intrigued by the milk powder in their gf flour mix. And no Xanthum gum, maybe I will actually use the packet I bought, my Andrea’s gf flour mix already contains it.

  64. Caroline says

    I miss ravioli, pot pies, crepes, doughnuts, beignets, oh the list goes on! But I try instead to focus on the things I still get to have. It’s hard when I have cravings, though. I never crave “cheeseburgers with gluten-free buns” or “gluten-free pizza”! I do love America’s Test Kitchen (especially the “why this recipe works” and how they tell what can go wrong with a traditional recipe versus how they fixed the issue) and would love to win the book. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  65. Corinne says

    It doesn’t seem like a lot of milk powder in the mix – it does have me curious. Would love to win the book. Sounds interesting…especially the chewy chocolate chip cookies!

  66. says

    I definitely miss rolls the most. In any form. For a burger or a breakfast sandwich, and definitely for the rare nights when I make GF pasta. Fare la scarpetta isn’t the same without bread.

  67. Lissa says

    I have tried a few recipes for pita bread and they did not pop and therefore had no pocket :-( I would love to have a good recipe for this!! I make everything for my family of 5, 3 of us are celiac and our house is gluten free!

  68. Genee Davis says

    This cookbook must be great since you are approving of it! Your cookbook is my go to for recipes! I do miss a lot of crackers and baked goods for my husband……He has such a sweet tooth and I pack his lunch daily so he has his goodies. I would LOVE to win this! Thanks for the opportunity! ♡

  69. Bren says

    I really miss good bread. I was an avid bread baker before going GF. I have not found a good GF bread recipe (and I’ve tried lots) so now I just make regular bread at the holidays for friends and family.

  70. Terri D says

    I miss bread recipes. Not just one type of bread but I would like a variety of different breads. Breads that aren’t dry & cardboard like. Breads that use not only the typical white flours but I want to see a variety of healthy flours. I would love to win this book as it would be great to correct my baking mistakes & it would answer the “why” things happen

  71. says

    The fact that you are excited about this book is recommendation enough! I’d love a great fresh pasta recipe – my one try to date was rather hefty :) I’m putting this muffin on my ‘to make ‘ list but will probably stick to my own flour blend, not being a fan of rice flour at all.

  72. richelle says

    VERY new to being GF. My 5 year old is trying out the diet to see if it helps. He’s very bummed that a lot of his favorite things are off limits. He loved soft shell tacos and pretzels. This book would help a lot. I love ATK.

  73. Janice Marela says

    I would love to win this book. The things that I miss the most are breads of any type. I want the GF to be just like the ones with gluten.

  74. Phyllis Newmeyer says

    I am a RN and so happy that I have a reliable book of food choices I can provide to my patients. Thank you ATK.

  75. Stephanie says

    Like so many have already said, fresh artisan bread. And Graham crackers. The GF versions haven’t proved as satisfying.

  76. Beverly says

    My daughter is GF, DF, SF. I’m always on the lookout for more inspiration. Looking for healthy snack, lunches for her to take with her.

  77. Carol Hill says

    Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge. When first diagnosed I thought life would be horrible. But finding great recipes by others and being willing to experiment has made it a seamless transition. Not much I miss anymore. Thanks to great bloggers like yourself!

  78. Andrea says

    The thing I miss the most, hands down, is really good pizza. I’ve made some adequate GF versions, but haven’t yet found *the one*.

  79. Hannah says

    I grew up watching America’s Test Kitchen and I love their scientific approach to cooking. Now I have Celiac, so this book looks PERFECT!!!

  80. Jackie says

    Since cooking GF for my entire family (10 people), I have found your recipes to be the most reliable for a great finished product. There’s not many foods that I can’t recreate, except for filo dough (Baklava) & glazed donuts. Thanks for the opportunity to enter this contest.

  81. SJC says

    My husband is GF, and we both miss many things, but baked brie in puff pastry with honey-garlic sauce – a recipe we gave out at our wedding – is up there. We have found no substitution for the puff pastry. Oh, and he really misses deep dish Chicago pizza.

  82. Amanda says

    My husband is celiac, so I appreciate learning about this cookbook. I think he misses all breads – you seem to most crave what you shouldn’t have!

  83. says

    My mom-in-law gave me a copy of this book. Yeah! But my question is, can I use your GF blend in the receipes in the ATK book? I hate to make another blend, when yours is absolutely wonderful. If I do use your blend, can I use 1 cup of your GF flour blend for 1 cup of their blend?

    • says

      Hi Jill, sorry, I only tried it as written, with their blend. I don’t use a blend in any of my recipes anymore either – just for that reason. Every baker has their own blend. :) If you try it, please let me know how it works!

  84. Cypress says

    This cookbook is the best!! I make a separate “bread blend,” where I substitute sorghum flour for the brown rice flour; I find sorghum gives that “wheaty” quality that I have been missing, to my bread baking.

    The peanut butter cookies I make with the ATK recipe are becoming a local legend. People just love these! Their gluten-free PB cookie recipe is actually better than any PB cookie made with regular wheat flour recipes, IMO. I use blackstrap molasses+white sugar instead of the portion of brown sugar the recipe calls for, and the cookies come out with a chewy, almost toffee-like quality to them.

    So, the cakes and muffins are next on my list!!


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